Our mainstring was in season 05-06 Tullatuulen Halla,Tullatuulen Jade (leaders)
 Tullatuulen Rex,  Endhill´s MarxTullatuulen Jami, Tullatuulen Fanny, Tullatuulen Fridu, Tullatuulen Oona,  Endhil´`s Mogur, Endhill´s Lager, Tullatuulen Lars, Tullatuulen Irwin

Erkki Rantanen run with team 4. place in Finnish Championship MD, in Nurmes, open class. Best SH-team too.

Frank`s Pro Gold SM 2006 Erkki rantanen was and best purebreed SH-team. 8.dogclass Finnish Ccampionship Sprint.

Erkki Rantanen was and Mika Yli-Kivistö was Jongunverran ajot in Lieksa. 8 dogclass 2*43km

Our team was also this year best pure breed Siberian team all of races.
Our racing team season 2004-2005:

Tullatuulen Halla & Tullatuulen Zola
Tullatuulen Fridu & Endhill´s Marx
Tullatuulen Fanny & Tullatuulen Jade
Tullatuulen Jami & Endhill´s Lager
Endhill´s Mogur
Tullatuulen Irwin & Tullatuulen Lars

Tullatuulen Jimmy, Tullatuulen Jerry and Endhill´s Mousse included racing team too, but they have differences problems with legs and they runs only same races. 


Erkki Rantanen run with team 4. place in Finnish championship middledistance open class 2*53km.

Erkki Rantanen won Kouheroajot race , open class 2*27km.

Erkki Rantanen run with his team 9. place Ec-middledistance in Norway, open class.

Erkki Rantanen run with team 6. Finnish championship open class in Rautavaara 29-30.01.05.

Jedeye Vampira & Alaskan´s Nicolaos of Anadyr  get pups. 
Born 3 pups, 2 males and 1 female.

For season 2004-2005 we are building again an open class raceteam for Erkki Rantanen.
Next winter our main goal is open class Ec-middledistance in Norway.


Photo. Mauri Keltto

Tullatuulen Irwin, Tullatuulen Jerry, Endhill's Lena, Endhill's Wilbur, Tullatuulen Fridu, Tullatuulen Halla
Endhill's Mogur, Tullatuulen Jade, Endhill's Lager, Caveris Wiima, Tullatuulen Fanny, Tullatuulen Zola