Season 07, my mainrace is Femundlopet 600 open class in Norway and if I have a time I have a plan run Pasvik open class too. My mainstringteam including next dogs: Leaders: Olga, Halla, Oona, Musti, Martta, Susie and teamdogs Jami, Tilli, Tango, Tinjam,  Ozzy, Robin, Fridu, Ulla, Jimmy, Urpo, Tanana, Ocra, Unto, Ray, Vampire and Stormy. Let see who leave in Norway...
It´s a first time when I go to Norway, I mean racing, I wait that a lot, it´s a new world for me and of course for my dogs too. We have to learn many new things, it´s totaly different run 90-150km/day three days race and rest night in hotel :).  At the first long distance season I just hope, me and my dogs can get more experiences how run long distance race!
In Norway ( Femunglopet, The largest long distance sleddograce in Europe, ), if I have a time.
Erkki Rantanen quit his many years lasting a great career. His career included many, many times Finnish Siberinhusky Club champions, best Sh-team, a great positions very often all-breed races and a best open class Sh-team in many winters too. Several last years team what he was training and driving was be composed of Tullatuulen kennels breeding dogs. Thank you Erkki for everything! We miss you!!!

Tullatuulen Ozzy &
Jedeye Vampira
get puppies
 2 male and 3 female

Tullatuulen Ozzy &
 Tullatuulen Nella
get puppies
3 male and 3 female

Endhill´s Rosi & Tullatuulen Foxy get puppies. Born 3 males.

Jedeye Vampira & Alaskan´s Nicolaos of Anadyr  get pups. 
Born 3 pups, 2 males and 1 female.

Jedeye Vampire arrive to Finland

Tullatuulen Gale and Tullatuulen Indy

get puppies.17.9.2004.
born 6 puppies, 4 males and 3 females. I sell fewones.


Tullatuulen Ditka and Tullatuulen Jimmy get puppies.
Born  7 puppies, 4 males and 3 females. I sell fewones.
Ditka is best leader what I have ever had and Jimmy is one of my best males.

Tullatuulen Jimmy & Tullatuulen Nella got puppies, 5 males and 3 females. I sell fewones.
Nella is one fasted leader of mine and Jimmy is my one best young male.

We expecting puppies a middle of august:
Tullatuulen Jimmy & Tullatuulen Nella

and  to end of august:
Tullatuulen Jimmy & Tullatuulen Ditka

There are several litters coming at summer 2004 from our best breedings.
Come and get improvement to your team! Please call and ask for more!