Reijo's Trading Post

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Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard and Graham Greene star in this powerful murder mystery
with all the style and suspense of Witness. Kilmer stars as Ray Levoi, a hotshot FBI
agent who's thrust into a strange new world when he is sent to solve a murder on an
Indian reservation. Hand-picked because of his part-Sioux ancestry, Levoi is teamed with
a legendary older agent (Shepard) to capture a radical Indian protester. But once on the
reservation, Levoi encounters the irreverent local sheriff (Greene), and the tribe's religious
leader (Chief Ted Thin Elk), who knows secrets about Levoi's own lost heritage. And as
Levoi's awareness of the native culture grows, so does
his belief that the U.S. government has framed an
Indian activist for the crime he did not commit.
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innocent man.


Harva elokuva on lyönyt läpi sellaisella voimalla kuin "Kourallinen Dollareita".
Elokuva vaikutti olevan tuhoon tuomittu alusta alkaen; kuka nyt kuvaisi jotain niin
amerikkalaista kuin lännenelokuvan - Italiassa! Lisäksi kaikki tekijät olivat tuntemattomia ja
budjetti naurettavan pieni. Kaikesta huolimatta "Kourallinen Dollareita"
kirjoitti elokuvahistorian kirjaan neljä tärkeää lukua
1. Elokuva loi kokonaan uuden elokuvatyypin - "Spagetti-westernin", jossa hiljaiset
ja raa'at pyssymiehet korvasivat ritarilliset amerikkalaiset sankarit.
2. Clint Eastwood sai tässä suuren läpimurtonsa elokuvanäyttelijänä ja käsite "anti-sankari" syntyi.
3. Sergio Leonen kuvakieli, stilisoitu ja lähikuvilla maustettu, mullisti koko alan.
Tyyliä on tämän jälkeen käyttäneet lukuisat elokuvantekijät ympäri maailman.
4. Ennio Morriconen musiikki oli jotain aivan uutta, siinä on enemmän
vaikutteita rock-musiikista, kuin perinteisistä lännenelokuva-teemoista.
Pituus : 1 h 36 min


Amerikan sisällissodan päättymisestä on kulunut kolme vuotta.
Pohjoisvaltioiden joukoissa taistellut kapteeni Gideon (Pierce Brosnan)
on hakeutunut länteen unohtaakseen verisen menneisyyden.
Joitakin sodanaikaisia tekoja ei kuitenkaan voi unohtaa - eikä antaa anteeksi.
Etelävaltioiden puolella taistellut eversti Carver (Liam Neeson)
jahtaa sinnikkäästi miestä, joka tuhosi hänen elämänsä Seraphim Fallsissa.
Eikä hän aio luovuttaa...
Kesto : 1 h 51 min


Critically acclaimed as one of the best films of the year,
SMOKE SIGNALS was also a distinguished winner at the Sundance Film Festival!
Though Victor and Thomas have lived their entire young lives in the same tiny town,
they couldn't have less in common! But when Victor is urgently called away,
it's Thomas who comes up with the money to pay for his trip.
There's just one thing Victor has to do: take Thomas along for the ride!
You're in for a rare and entertaining comic treat as this most unlikely pair
leave home on what becomes an unexpectedly unforgettable
adventure of friendship and discovery!
Rooleissa : Adam Beach , Irene Bedard , Evan Adams , Gary Farmer ,
Tantoo Cardinal
Ohjaaja : Chris Eyre
Kieli : Englanti


For the Northern Cheyenne tribe of Lame Deer, Montana, the American Dream
has taken a grim detour. Here, Buddy Red Bow (A Martinez) is a committed activist
battling a suspicious land-grab. Philbert Bono (Gary Farmer, in a performance
Roger Ebert calls "one of the most wholly convincing I’ve seen") is a serene
spiritual warrior guided by sacred visions. But when Buddy’s estranged
sister is framed and jailed in New Mexico, the two men take Philbert’s
rust-wrecked ’64 Buick ‘war pony’ on a road trip that makes some very
unexpected stops along the way. Jonathan Wacks (Producer of REPO MAN)
directs and Graham Greene (DANCES WITH WOLVES), Wes Studi
(THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, ) and Amanda Wyss star in this
acclaimed comedy/drama about Native Americans understanding the past,
fighting for their future and discovering a few surprising truths

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Kesto 1 h 27 min


The Leonard Peltier Story

Robert Redford is the executive producer (and narrator) of this fine,
eye-opening documentary about the violent events that took place in 1975
on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.
Indian activists ended up in an extended standoff with FBI agents,
and the result was several deaths, including two federal men whose killing
(according to many people) was never clearly attributed to a specific gunman.
Nevertheless, the government laid blame for the tragedy on Leonard Peltier,
a Sioux political leader who has long been a focus for supporters believing
he took the fall, possibly heroically, for others.
Peltier has spent many years in prison, and Apted's film, which is
hardly ambiguous in its commitment toward Peltier's hoped-for freedom,
is persuasive in both its detail and its case against brutal
federal policies toward Indians. Whatever one's position
on the Peltier question, this is a compelling piece of work.
Kesto 1 h 30 min

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Bruce McDonald's wry adaptation of a W.P. Kinsella novel is an engaging, touching story about an awkward passage into manhood and love for an 18-year-old Indian metalhead on the Kidabanesee Reserve in Ontario. Silas Crow (Ryan Black) is a drifting young fellow dragging his feet about entering a school for auto mechanics. While loosely entertaining the idea of writing, Silas unprofitably kills all his time with a thickheaded buddy, Frank Fencepost (Adam Beach), and watches his old girlfriend, Sadie Maracle (Jennifer Podemski), grow away from him as she takes up native issues with admirable commitment. A visit by Silas's older sister, Ilianna (Lisa LaCroix) (with her new, white-and-uptight husband reluctantly in tow), plus the simultaneous reappearance of Ilianna's old flame, ex-con Gooch (Michael Greyeyes), and the unpunished murder of a native girl by a white thug set off a series of events culminating in redemptive acts of love and honor. Big themes, yes, but McDonald (Highway 61) has wisely chosen to emphasize the charm of his characters, make sport of spiritual clichés and Indian chic (there's a funny bit in which Silas gets Ilianna's husband drunk and introduces him to a bogus animal guide), and allow the cruelty of white justice against natives to speak (often comically) for itself.
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Despite an irritating, tacke-over narratiost have thou
eLast of the Dogmen is a very moving and magical film. Tom Berenger plays a Montana bounty
hunter who helps an anthropologist (Barbara Hershey) search for the descendants of
a Cheyenne tribe who disappeared in the 1870s. What the two find in a remote mountain
stretch is an entire community of Cheyenne who have kept themselves cut off from the
modern world. A Dances with Wolves parallel emerges as the white outsiders gradually
fit in, but Last of the Dogmen stands up just fine without comparison to any other films.
As in Kevin Costner's Oscar-winning movie, however, there are ways in
which this film captures a similar sense of yearning, mystery, and loss.
Kesto : 1 h 53 min

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