The Aholafarm


Haymaking and harvesting at the Ahola farm


The farm Experience the countryside in a new way. Enjoy a relaxing and playful day “working” on the farm. Our main aim is that your farm day is a fresh and a different experience from your daily work and routines.

Take a trip down memory lane and take part in the traditional Finnish haymaking event.


We serve traditional Finnish food at the event and tell stories from the past about the history of haymaking in Finland. After the work you can take a relaxing smoke sauna, swim in the lake and relax.

Traditional Finnish food 




See the beautiful Finnish nature by taking part in one of our hiking trips. We will guide you and arrange refreshments for you during your journey.

If you want you can also book a relaxing smoke sauna after the hike.

the squirrel


Conference and training days



Arrange a conference or a training day for your company or co-workers at our countryside farm. We can also offer a lappish hut or an old redecorated barn or a courtyside cottage, where you can host your conference or training day.  You can also book the smoke sauna for use as part of the day.

You can also hold your own  parties or other occasions at our farm, we are happy to host your event and welcome your guests.

a hut
  by the lake



to the barn lights in the barn