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200W HID video light

200W HID video light
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Two untouched sample cave diving images, captured directly from video. 

 Heliumizer.com 200W HMI video light 

Hip mounted 200W HMI dive light for underwater video use with state of the art technical solutions.

  • 200W HMI, broadcast quality light properties
  • available with 228Wh NiMH or 360Wh NiMH battery pack (built without unreliable cell paralleling)
  • wet mate connector - allows light head to be separated for transportation
  • approx. dimensions: 137mm x 390mm (with 228Wh NiMH battery)
  • heavy duty black anodized aluminium / deldrin construction
  • innovative electronic power switch with safety lock 
  • dimming function
  • 110/230V charger

360Wh model with a protective case

228Wh model

A portable high power light for outstanding quality underwater video use.

DIY light head

Now also bare light head components available for homebuilders.
Light head mechanics
-Anodized aluminium body
-Test tube

PG9 thread in back cover 


Reflector assembly
-wide angle video reflector
-adjustable beam width
-plastic body (black polyacetal/deldrin)


Spare O-ring set
-all O-rings for light head


200W HMI bulb
(fits also other 200W HMI lights)


Field Replacement kit
-bulb, test tube, O-rings


Spare wet mate cable
-two pin male, length ~90cm


Socket for 200W HMI bulb


200W HMI Ballast
-24V input


-Fits inside light head


-with secondary locking 
Spare NiMH batteries
-24V, 228Wh/360Wh
-coming soon: 380Wh

Note: prices include 22% VAT (which is dropped off from shipments outside EU).


  • 200W HMI - 16000 lumens - equal to ~1kW of incandescent
  • high color rendering index - no false colors anymore
  • color temperature 5600K
  • wide angle video reflector
  • switch for dimming to approx. half power
  • With 200W burn time approx. 45min...90min (depends on battery sizing)
  • spare battery sets and complete custom dimensioned battery packs available for special purposes
  • wet mate connector allows light head and battery pack to be transported separately + a simple way of using the light head with surface supplied power (e.g. in pool environment)
  • cold water tested
  • available with accessories, for example with a protective case
  • Also other models available soon...


Description SKU # Price/e
125W HMI, 228Wh NiMH battery pack HMI125W228Wh


150W HMI, 228Wh NiMH battery pack HMI150W228Wh


200W HMI, 228Wh NiMH battery pack HMI200W228Wh ask
200W HMI,360Wh NiMH battery pack HMI200W360Wh ask
Spare 228Wh NiMH battery pack NiMH228Wh ask
Spare 360Wh NiMH battery pack NiMH360Wh  ask
Bare light head components  LHead_DIY ask


Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

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