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Spare parts etc.

200W HID video light
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Spare parts etc.



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Video reflector & spot beam reflector
  • small: tight spot beam for goodman handle (diameter 72mm)
  • large: wide angle for video light (diameter approx. 120mm)
Video head assembly
  • Dimpled wide angle video reflector
  • base machined from solid Polyacetal ("Deldrin")
Microprocessor controlled NiMH charger
  • 3.5A charge current
  • three level charge algorithm
  • 12V and 24V models available
  • 110V/230V input
Test tubes
  • small test tube for goodman handle (fits 50W halogen slug, outside diameter:26mm)
  • large test tube for 200HMI video light
  • custom dimensioning available (outside diameter x wall thickness x length, mm):
26 x 2.8 x L 38 x 2.8 x L
32 x 2.8 x L 44 x 3.2 x L
Quick disconnect flow restrictor
  • attaches into normal BC inflator hose + Buddy Inspiration rebreather diluent hose
  • output thread standard 1/8" male
  • reduces flow to approx. 1 litre/minute (p~10bar)
  • other flow rates are available, just ask 
Flow restrictor nipple 
  • drilled through hole
  • reduces flow to 1 litre/minute (p~10bar)
  • length:6mm, M6 external thread
  • other dimensions and flow rates available, just ask (e.g. 0.5/1/1.5/2 litres/minute)


  Latch with secondary locking
  • Stainless, with secondary locking

NiMH cells

  • High capacity NiMH cells 
  • D size: 
    • 1.2V/9.5Ah 
    • dia x height: 33x59mm
    • weight: 160g
    • internal resistance: 0.004ohm
  • F size
    • 1.2V/15Ah
    • dia x height: 33 x89mm
    • weight: 250g
    • internal resistance: 0.004ohm
  • highest quality, manufactured by Saft (not cheap look-alike copies) 
Power connector
  • two element sizes: 0.75...1.5mm^2 (max 15A) and 2.5...4mm^2 (max 30A), both use same size connector body
  • attachment to cable by soldering or crimping
  • red or black (or green) body, stackable
  • polarized
  • self-cleaning contacts for reliable connection
  • also available with flexible pre-crimped wires (0.75/1.5/2.5 mm sq.)
Toggle switch + Switch boot
  • Toggle switch with solder lugs for dive light
  • Switch boot made out of black heavy duty silicone
  • Good for DIY'ers or spare parts for many commercial dive lights (used as a spare part for lights from Halcyon, Salvo, DiveRite etc.)




Assembled NiMH battery packs
  • 12V/4500mAh (10pcs 4500mAh 4/3A cells)
  • 12V/9500mAh (10pcs 9500mAh D cells)
  • 12V/15000mAh (10pcs 15000mAh F cells)
  • 24V/15000mAh (20pcs 15000mAh F cells)
  • custom packs
  • with or without heat shrink tube
  • ...



Description SKU # Price EUR 
(incl.VAT 22%)
narrow beam reflector Reflector#3 25
wide angle video reflector Video_WA_Reflector 30
Video head assembly Video_head_assembly 80
3.5A NiMH charger 
(specify 12 or 24V)
CHG3500 - xxV 185 (*)
test tubes TTube26 20
  TTube38 35
  TTcustomXX*YY*ZZ ask
Flow restrictor for BC inflator hose QD restrictor


Flow restirictor nipple  1l/min nipple


Latch+hook Secure_Latch+hook 28e/pair
1.2V/9.5Ah NiMH D9.5AhNiMH 14e/each
1.2V/15Ah NiMH F15AhNiMH 22.75e/each
Power connector PowerPole 2.00e/pair
Toggle switch ToggleSwitch 8e/each, 20e/3pcs
Switch boot SwitchBoot 7e/each,
(*) coming soon

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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