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Handheld oxygen-helium analyzer

Finally both oxygen and helium content measurement in a one compact and truly portable trimix analyzer device which fits into your palm. Accurate and fast microprocessor controlled measurement cycle with both state of the art sensor technology and electronics. Innovative and simple one button user interface - just turn the device on and start measuring after self-calibration. Large display with backlight for those late night analyzes. No more guessing what your actual mix is.

Display examples

Main display shows oxygen and helium percentages. MOD depth is calculated and shown (based on O2 percentage and pO2=1.4bar).

Auto scaling He and O2 graph displays show analysis data of approximately last 10 minutes (in addition to current value and elapsed measurement time information). Can your present handheld analyzer tell what your CFM system was doing few minutes ago?

Helium Analyzer Features

  • Combined oxygen and helium content measurement with single handheld instrument
  • State of the art semiconductor technology
  • Microprocessor controlled fast measurement cycle
  • Small, light weight, handheld, resistant to water
  • Large clear display with backlight
  • Innovative single button user interface
  • Powered by two inexpensive AA batteries
  • Automatic power-off
  • Automatically calculates MOD (with pO2=1.4bar)
  • Oxygen sensor replaceable by the user 
  • State of the art helium sensor does not need replacement in normal use
  • Additional features available: PC interface, 2nd O2 sensor (for measuring two O2 percentages at the same time)
  • Custom features available - just ask

Technical information

  • Measurement range, O2: 2-99%, He: 0-100%
  • Display resolution: 0.1% (0.01% on special order)
  • Automatically compensates helium reading with measured O2 value
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 140mm x 35mm, fits easily into pocket
  • 128x64 pixel graphical LCD display with backlight
  • Power source: two 1.5V "AA" alkaline batteries 
  • Current consumption: under 10mA backlight off, under 30mA backlight on (for example "Duracell" announces a capacity of up to 2850mAh for their "AA" size alkaline batteries, which means operating time of 100-300hours!)
  • Minimum operating voltage: ~1.4V (0.7V/battery cell)
  • Auto scaling graphs for O2 and He
  • Required sample gas flow rate: 0.1L/min...1L/min
  • M5 thread on output side (hose nipple installed), also input nozzle can be supplied with M5 thread and nipple 


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(incl.VAT 22%)
USD (*), VAT 0%
Only  He measurement Analyzer He 849 ~ $870


(Analyzer case)
He+O2 measurements Analyzer He+O2 899 ~ $921
Transport case Analyzer case 55  
Quick Disconnect sampler, 1l/min QD sampler (check)   
+2nd O2 sensor I/F 
(upcoming feature)
+ExtraO2 200   
+PC interface +computer I/F 54   
Spare oxygen sensor  K-1D 86   
R-17D 93  
(*) depends on daily exchange rate    


Available with protective case (e.g. Pelican Micro 1040, or really heavy duty black transport case with snug fit foam interior).
Simple O2 sensor replacement procedure: remove 4 screws, replace K-1D sensor, tighten screws again. He sensor does not need replacement.
Reflector in background is not included into standard delivery (wide angle reflector with deldrin body for dia. 26mm test tube: 80eur).


Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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