TILAUSTEN TOIMITUSTAPA SIVUN LOPUSSA! HUOMAA! Olemme ilmoittaneet kannen ja levyn kunnon tällä sivulla. Sähköpostivastauksessamme kuvaamme aina kunnon. Noudatamme kuluttajansuojalakia. Tilausmahdollisuus sähköpostilla sivun lopussa.
ÄÄNILEVYJEN KUNTOMERKINNÄT Ex = Virheetön tai lähes virheetön levy ja kansi Ex = Excellent
Vg+ = Lieviä käytön jälkiä, äänenlaatu erinomainen Kannessa lievää normaalia kulumaa, yleisilme siisti Vg = Levyä soitettu paljon, käytön jälkiä joilla voi olla lievää vaikutusta äänenlaatuun Vielä hyvin soittokelpoinen levy Kannessa normaalia kulumaa, ehkä siisti teippaus ... Kannen yleisilme hyvä Vg = Very Good Vg- = Ei nirppanokille
Ensin kansi, sitten levy, esim. ex/ex Sähköpostivastauksessamme kuvaamme aina tarkkaan levyn ja kannen kunnon Kuvaamme äänenlaadun, ulkonäön, onko kannessa vanha hintalappu, onko tahroja, kirjoitusmerkintöjä, taitoksia, repeämiä... Etiketin kunnon; onko kirjoitusmerkintöjä ... Noudatamme kuluttajansuojalakia. Mitään pelättävää ei siis ole. LUE LISÄÄ VINYYLILEVYJEN KUNNOSTA KÄYTETYT LYHENTEET GF = Avattavat kannet RI = Uusintapainos WOC = Kannessa kirjoitusta, RW = Levyn painama rengas kannessa. INNER = Sisäpussi LYRICS = Laulujen sanat mukana INSERT = Liite LABEL = Etiketti PRICE CUT-CORNER = Kannen kulma leikattu ( alunperin tehtaalla )
Prices in Euros, See The End Of This Page Condition Grades, See The End Of This Page Order Form By Email At The End Of This Page If You Intend To Order, Please Read Our Order Info From Menu Page. ARTISTI LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA
10CC Ten Out Of 10 4,50 1981 Mercury 6359 048, vg+/ex Bändin 8. albumi Abba Kts.: Swedish Artists Ace Five-A-Side 3,00 1974 Anchor Records USA, ANCL 2001 ex/vg+, Price-Cut Corner Contains The Hit: How Long Ace No Strings 3,00 1977 Anchor Records USA, AN 2020 ex/ex The Alpha Band The Alpha Band 3,50 1976 Artista, AL 4102 ex/ex T-Bone Burnett, Steven Soles David Mansfield with David Jackson and Matt Betton Apache Apace 3,00 1981 Atlantic, ATL 50 B26 vg+/ex, Price-Cut Corner Please Don't Stop The Music ... Almond Marc With The Willing Sinners Perform Mother Fist And Her Five Daughters 5,00 1987 Virgin Ger, 208 221 ex/ex Alkperäinen sisäpussi ex The Alan Parsons Project Eve 6,50 1979 Artista Records, Sacem 201 157 vg+/ex, GF Lucifer, You Lie Down With Dogs I'd Rather Be A Man, Winding Me Up You Won't Be There Damned If I Do, Don't Hold Back Secret Garden, If I Could Change Your Mind The Alan Parsons Project Gaudi 5,00 1986 Artista USA, ex/ex Lyrics The Archies 20 Greatest Hits 3,50 Black Tulip Ger, 2636261, ex/ex Sugar Sugar ... Bap Vun Drinne noh drusse 5,00 1982 Musikant, GF, Insert, vg/ex Price Stiker Removed Bo Donalson And The Heywoods Billy, Don't Be A Hero 8,00 1974 ABC US, GF, ex/ex The Boomtown Rats Mondo Bongo 5,00 1980 Mercury, vg+/ex Branigan Laura Maybe Tonight/ When The Heat Hits The Streets/ Squeezbox 3,00 1985 Atlantic A94495T vg+/ex Maxi 12", 45 rpm From The Album Hold Me Brotherhood Of Man Love and Kisses From Brotherhood Of Man 5,00 1975 Pye Records/ Voque France LDM. 30303, ex/ex Shame On You Baby Be My Loving Baby Dream On Tugging I'm So Much In Love You Are Love Now Cry Thief Nothing In The World Love Me For What I Am Sweet Lady From Georgia Kiss Me, Kiss Your Baby Brooks Elkie Pearls II 5,00 1982 AM Records AMLH 20126 ex/ex "Elkie Brooks is acknowledged as one of the most talent singers Britain has ever produced" JACKSON BROWNE American rock singer-song writer Jackson Brownen sävellyksiä ovat esittäneet mm. Joan Baez, The Byrds, Eagles, Linda Ronstadt ... Take It Easy ... LEVY HINTA KUNTO/ MUUTA Hold Out 3,50 1980 Asylum Records Ger., vg-/ex Sisäpussissa laulujen sanat Kansikulumaa + pieni hintalapun jälki Äänilevyjen kuntokoodit sivun alussa Lawyers In Love 3,50 1983 Elektra Ger., vg-/ex Kansikulumaa Kansikuva yllä vasemmalla Äänilevyjen kuntokoodit sivun alussa DAVID BOWIE AND RELATED
Tin Machine 5,00 1989, ex/vg+, Lyrics ====== DAVID JA SHAUN ARTISTI LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Cassidy David Labor Of Love 5,00 1990 Enigma/ Sonet Grammofon 08-025647, ex/ex Sisäpussissa laulujen sanat Labor Of Love, You Remember Me Lyin' to Myself, Hi-Heel Sneakers The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Message To The World Living Without You Stranger In Your Heart Prisoner All Because Of You Cassidy David Cherish 4,50 1972 Bell Rec. 1776 Broadway, New York Bell 6070, vg/ex, rw Kansikulumaa, ei repeämiä ei tahroja, ei kirjoitusta ei taitoksia ... Ei nirppanokille Price-Cut Corner Being Together Just Wanna Make You Happy Could It Be Forever Blind Hope See All I Lost My Chance My First Night Alone Without You We Could Never Be Friends Where Is the Morning I Am A Clown Cherish Ricky's Tune Cassidy David Forever 5,00 Sounds Superb, SPR 90079 vg+/ex, Orig. released 1972 Could It Be Forever I Just Wanna Make You Happy Ricky's Tune We Could Never Be Friends Being Together I Lost My Chance Cherish Blind Hope Go Now Song Of Love Where Is The Morning My First Night Alone Withou You Cassidy Shaun Under Wraps 6,00 1978 Warner Bros. USA BSK 3222, vg+/ex Price-Cut Corner Sisäpussissa laulujen sanat Hard Love, Taxi Dancer Lie To Me, It's Like A Heaven Our Night, She's Right Midnight Sun Right Before Your Skies Cassidy Shaun Born Late 6,00 1977 Warner Bros. USA BSK 3126, vg+/ex, GF Price-Cut Corner Teen Dream, Baby, Baby, Baby Do You Believe In Magic It's Up To You, Audrey Hey Deanie, A Girl Like You Walk Away, Strange Sensation Carolina's Comin' Home CHER Cher Cher 5,00 1987, Geffen Ger., ex/ex Bang Bang ... Lyrics Panda Pop - purkkakuva 3,50 60 - luvulta, kuva yllä Hyväkuntoinen Kääntöpuolella Bang, Bang - laulun sanat Finnish bubble gum picture from 60's, picture above Lyrics on the other side: Bang Bang 5,00 In good condition Our Order Info is on menu page ===== Charles Tina With Wild Honey & Heritage Tina Sings 6,00 1973 Mam Sweden, 7C 038-98625 vg/ex, rw Holland-Dozier, Gilbert O'Sullivan ... sävellyksia ja sanoituksia I Can't Dance To That Music You Are Playin' There's No Stopping Us Now Promise Honest Jacob's Ladder, Joe Baby Don't You Know Anymore He's My Sugar Boulevard Of Souvenirs Sow The Seed Of Love People Of The Universe CITY BOY Young Men Gone West, MYYTY!¨ City Boy Book Early 6,00 1978 Mercury, SRM-1-337 Lyrics, vg+/ex, Inner vg City Boy The Day The Earth Caught Fire 6,00 1979 Vertigo 6360 173, vg+/ex Lyrics Coconuts Don't Take My Coconuts 3,50 1981 EMI America 4001801 vg+/ex Kriminal Tango If I Only Had A Brain ... LUE VINYYLILEVYJEN KUNNOSTA
ESITTÄJÄ LEVY EUROA KUNTO MUUTA Crosby, Stills & Nash Live in L.A. 23,90 Uusi vinyyli, 2 levyä 2008 Vinyl Passion, VP 80102 DMM Cutting Recorded November 1982 at the New Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles Turn Your Back On Love Chicago Just A Song Before I Go Wooden Ships You Don't Have To Cry Dark Star To The Last Whale - A Critical Mass - Wind On The Water Blackbird Wasted On The Way Delta Treetop Flyer Suite:Judy Blue Eyes Cathedral Southern Cross Long Time Gone For What It's Worth Love The One You're With Teach Your Children Daylight Again Cult Dreamtime 3,50 1984 Beggars Barquet, bega 57 ex/ex, Lyrics Horse Nation Spiritwalker 83rd Dream Butterflies Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles) Gimmick A Flower In The Deset Dreamtime Rider In The Snow Bad Medicine Waltz LUE VINYYLILEVYJEN KUNNOSTA Diesel Johnny & The Injectors Same 5,00 1989 Chrysalis, vg+/vg+ Dolby Thomas The Flat Earth 7,00 1984, Parlophone Odeon Series Lyrics, vg+/ex
Duran Duran Arena 6,00 Recorded Around The World 1984 Lyrics, GF, ex/ex Duran Duran Notorious 4,00 1986, Maxi 12", 3 Versions ex/ex Dury Ian & The Blockheads Do It Yourself 7,00 Stiff UK, vg+/ex EAGLES Perustettiin 1971 Los Angelesissa Musiikkilaji: kevyt rock Albumi Their Greatest Hits ( 1971 - 1975 ) on USAn kaikkien aikojen eniten myyty levy On The Border 10,00 1974 Asylum Ger., vg+/ex The Best Of My Love, James Dean ... The Eagles are: Don Henley, Glenn Frey Don Felder, Bernie Leadon Randy Meisner ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Secret Messages 6,00 1983 Jet Hol., Lyrics, vg+/ex Xanadu 5,00 1980 Jet Hol., Lyrics, GF, vg/vg+ Inner vg Original Soundtrack Olivia Newton - John ... Liite: Out Of The Blue 3,50 UAR 100 Ko. LP-levyyn kuuluva liite Hyväkuntoinen Kuva yllä SIR ELTON JOHN A Single Man LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Reg Strikes Back 7,00 1988 Rocket Records, GF, vg+/ex Lyrics The Very Best Of.. 7,00 1980 K-tel, vg+/ex Your Song, Friends Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Candle In The Wind Daniel, Tiny Dancer Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Don't Go Breaking My Heart (With Kiki Dee ) ... A Single Man 10,00 1978 Rocket Records, vg+/vg+, GF Lyrics Shine On Through Return To Paradise I Don't Care Big Dipper It Ain't Gonna Be Easy Part-Time Love Georgia, Madness Shooting Star Reverie Song For Guy Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirty Cowboy 17,00 1975 UK, 3 Inserts, GF, vg+/ex Blue Moves 10,00 1976 2 LP, Rocket Records, GF Lyrics, vg+/ex, Inner vg ==== JON ENGLISH English History 3,50 1979 Frituna, FRLP-162, vg+/ex "Vastatuuleen"-miehen kokoelma-LP Lyrics Play With Fire, Hollywood 7, Behind The Blue Eyes, Superstar, Lay It All Down, Lovin' Arms ... Jon English & The Foster Brothers Some People ... 3,50 1982 Frituna, FRLP-182, vg+/ex Lyrics Oh, Paris, Tempted ... ERI ESITTÄJIÄ, VARIOUS ARTISTS LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Top of the Pops 3,50 1972 Hallmark Stereo England EHM 3005, vg+/ex Europe Edition vol.5 Ei alkuperäisesittäjiä Studiomuusikoita Children Of The Revolution Mama Mia Mouldy Old Dough Vaya Con Dios Honky Cat I'll Never Drink Again Mama Weer All Crazee Now Wig-Wam Bam Ensemble Bottoms Up Standing In The Road Mexico All The Young Dudes Popcorn WE ARE THE WORLD Eri esittäjiä USA For Africa We Are The World 5,00 1985 CBS 26454, ex/ex, GF The Historic Recording Nine Previously Unreleased Songs Avattava kansi, jossa kuvakavalkadi esiintyjistä USA for Africa: We Are the World ( Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie ) Steve Perry: If Only for the Moment, Girl The Pointer Sisters: Just a Little Closer Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Trapped ( Live Version ) Northern Lights: Tears Are Not Enough Prince & The Revolution: 4 the Tears in Your Eyes Chicago: Good for Nothing Tina Turner: Total Control Kenny Rogers: A Little More Love Huey Lewis and the News: Trouble in Paradise ( Live Version ) FLEETWOOD MAC AND RELATED Fleetwood Mac Behind The Mask 6,00 1990 Warner Bros. Ger. ex/ex Lyrics Fleetwood Mac: Mick Fleetwood, John McVie Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks Billy Burnette, Rick Vito Nicks Stevie Rock A Little 5,00 1985 Modern Rec. USA, vg+/ex Orig. Inner, Lyrics ======= Foreigner Agent Provocateur 7,00 1984, Lyrics, vg+/ex Foreigner Inside Information 6,00 1987, Lyrics, GF, ex/vg+ General Public hand to mouth 6,00 1986 Virgin V2395, vg+/ex Inner THE GRASS ROOTS Move Along 4,00 1972 ABC/ Dunhill Records USA, ex/ex DSX-50112, Price Cut Corner Joel Larson, Warren Entner, Rob Grill, "Uncle" Virgin Weber, Reed Kailing Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel Timeless Flight 10,00 1976 EMI Finland, EMA 775 GF, Inner, vg+/ex Red Is a Mean, Mean Colour White, White Dove Understand All Men Are Hungry Black Or White Everything Changes Nothing Is Sacred Don't Go, Don't Cry Harvest Only The Overcomers 4,00 1986 Greentree RO3936 vg+/ex, rw Liite: laulujen sanat Music by Jerry Williams & Ed Kerr Idol Billy Charmed Life 5,00 1990 Chrysalis CHR 1735, vg+/ex Alkuperäinen sisäpussi ex The Loveless Pumping on Steel Prodigal Blues L.A. Woman Trouble with the Sweet Stuff Cradle of Love Mark of Caine Endless Sleep Love Unchained The Right Way License to Thrill LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Njaal Helle 8,50 1979 Talent Produksjon Oslo, Norway TLS 4017, Lyrics, vg+/ex Njaal Helle = Rudi London Nottingham Forest ( is my rock'n roll ) Hyper People, A Little Lady You Can Take No Money Into Heaven Searching For Your Love She Was Too Young Jenny, Big Cities Nottingham Forest ( is in my soul ) The Best Kisser In The World Heaven 17 Penthouse and Pavement 3,00 1981 Virgin Finland 2208, vg+/ex Kannen yläreunasta levy hieman läpi Lyrics (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang Penthouse And Pavement Play To Win Soul Warfare Geisha Boys And Temple Girls Let's All Make A Bomb The Height Of Fighting Song With No Name We're Going To Live For A Very Long Time Heaven 17 The Luxury Gap 3,50 1983 Virgin Records, ex/ex 205 337-320 Lyrics Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry Who'll Stop The Rain Let Me Go Key To The World Temptation Come Live With Me Lady Ice And Mr Hex We Live So Fast The Best Kept Secret Housemartins Five Get Over Excited 3,50 1987 Go! Discs Ltd, Maxi 12", vg+/ex Impedance Tainted Love 3,50 1990 CBS Records, Epic 655581 6 Maxi 12", 33 1/3 rpm, vg+/ex Tainted Love: 5 Different Versions Includes previously unreleased new mixes Inxs X 5,00 1990 Mercury, Hol., ex/ex GF, Lyrics Jackson La Toya You're Gonna Get Rocked 3,00 1988 RCA, PL88502, vg+/ex You're Gonna Get Rocked! You Blew Such A Wicked Love Not Giving Up On Love If I Could Get To You Turn On The Radio Just Say No Does It Really Matter He Means Nothing To You At All Liked I Do ÄÄNILEVYJEN KUNNOSTA!! Meillä on ymmärrys käytettyjen äänilevyjen kuntoon ja siihen mitä voi myydä. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE AND RELATED Creach Papa John & The Midnight Sun I'm The Fiddle Man 15,00 1975 Buddah Records, vg+/vg+ Weak rw ===== Johnson Don Heartbeat 3,50 1986 Epic, EPC 450103 vg+/ex, GF Including Hit Singles Heartbeat and Heartache Away Levyllä mukana myös: Ron Wood, Willie Nelson Bonnie Raitt, Dweezil Zappa Stevie Ray Vaughan ... KC & The Sunshine Band All In A Night's Work 3,00 1982 Epic 85847, vg+/ex Includes the full version of ( You said ) You'd gimme some more Kid Creole and The Coconuts I, Too, Have Seen The Woods 5.00 1987 Sire Ger, 925579 Lyrics, vg+/ex Buttermilk Channel Part of My Design Agony...Ecstasy (William Shakespeare) Dancin' at the Bains Douches El Hijo Cold Wave So Far So Good Midsummer Madness Consider Me Boxed Out Call it a Day Kid Creole and The Coconuts In Praise Of Older Woman And Other Crimes 5,00 1985 Sire Ger, 925298 Lyrics, ex/ex Endicott Particul'y Int'rested Name It (Darlin' You Can) Take Me Luv Got Me Dancen' On My Kneez Caroline Was a Drop-Out He Can Have You The Animal Cop Dowopsalsaboprock You Can't Keep a Good Man Down =====
ALBERT LEE ARTISTI LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Lee Albert Albert Lee 7,50 1982 Polydor London, ex/ex Produced by Rodney Crowell Sweet Little Lisa Radio Girl Your Boys, So Sad Best I Can Rock 'n' Roll Man Real Wild Child Boulevard Pink Bedroom One Way Rider HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS Huey Lewis & The News 5,00 1980 Chrysalis, vg/ex Sports 5,00 1983 Chrysalis, ex/ex Lyrics If This It Is, Honky Tonky Blues ... Small World 5,00 1988 Chrysalis, vg+/ex Lyrics Mukana mm. Stan Getz ... Lofgren Nils I Came To Dance 7,50 1978 Italy, Lyrics, vg+/ex Logan Johnny Hold Me Now 5,00 1987 Epic EPC 451073, vg+/ex Eurovision Winner! Hold Me Now, Stay What's Another Year Foolish Love Such A Lady Helpless Heart Heartbroken Man Living A Lie When Your Woman Cries I'm Not in Love THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Classic Rock 2 - The Second Movement 3,50 Telstar Records King Edward Mews Byfeld Gardens London, STAR 6002 ex/ex The Eve Of The War Pinball Wizard Performed by the London Symphony Hey Joe Orch. with The Royal Choral Society A Day In The Life Question Vocal On "Pinball Wizard" Pete Townshend Space Oddity Digitally remixed and edited to God Only Knows enchance quality at Abbey Road River Deep Mountain High Studios, London American Trilogy Don't Cry For Me Argentina The Cream of 20 years of rock music Classic Rock 3 - Rhapsody In Black 3,50 Telstar Records King Edward Mews Byfeld Gardens London, STAR 6003 ex/ex Fanfare Intro - Rhapsody In Black Reach Out I'll Be There Performed by the London Symphony You Keep Me Hanging On Orch. with The Royal Choral Society The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Standing In The Shadows Of Love Digitally remixed and edited to enchance quality at Abbey Road Don't Leave Me This Way Studios, London Tears Of A Clown Rasputin The Cream of 20 years of rock music I Heard It Through The Grapevine Ain't No Mountain High Enough MADONNA
Madonna 7,00 Wea 1983, vg/ex Made In Greece ( Kreikka - painos ) === Mey Reinhard Alles Geht! 7,00 Promo, Lyrics, ex/ex Moyet Alison Hoodoo 5,00 vg+/vg+, Lyrics Moyet Alison Raindancing 5,00 Lyrics, vg+/ex Moyet Alison Alf 5,00 Lyrics, weak rw, vg+/ex The Real Milli Vanilli The Moment Of Truth 3,50 1991 Chrysalis 3218191 vg+/ex Kannen vasemmassa ylä- kulmassa pieni arkis- tointilappu, 1,5 x 3,5 cm Keep on Running Tell Me Where It Hurts Crazy Cane When I Die Body Slam Nice 'n' Easy Hard as Hell In My Life Too Late (True Love) The End of Good Times I'll Be Loving You Big Brother Nena Feuer und flamme 4,00 1985 CBS, Maxi 12", vg+/ex Ibiza, Woman On Fire Newton - John Olivia Warm And Tender 5,00 1989 Mercury Hol, Lyrics, ex/ex Nielsen Brigitte Every Body Tells A Story 3,00 1987 Teldec, ex/ex, GF HARRY NILSSON LEVY EUROA KUNTO MUUTA Rock N Roll 10,00 1969 Pickwick SPC-3321, Stereo vg+/vg+ Good Times So You Think You Got Troubles I'm Gonna Loose My Mind She's Yours You Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me) Sixteen Tons Born In Grenada Growin' Up Do You Believe? Duit On Mon Dei 7,00 1975 RCA USA, ALP1-0817 vg/ex, GF, Lyrics Price Cut-Corner Ringo Starr, Dr. John Klaus Voormann ... Jesus Christ You're Tall It's a Jungle Out There Down by the Sea Kojak Columbo Easier for Me Turn Out the Light Salmon Falls Puget Sound What's Your Sign Home Good for God
Orbison Roy
O'Martian Michael White Horse 10,00 1974 Myrhh UK, MYRA 1048 GF, vg+/ex, Lyrics Genre: Rock Style: Funk, Gospel Jeremiah, Fat City The Orphan, Silver Fish Add Up The Wonders Take Me Down Right From The Start The Rest Is Up To You White Horse Etukannen oik. kulmassa edellisen omistajan etunimi siististi, ei heti huomaa Orchesteral Manoeuvres In The Dark 'Junk Culture' 6,00 1984 Virgin Ger., vg+/ex Lyrics, Inner vg- Palmer Robert Don't Explain 7,00 1990 EMI, vg+/ex 2 LP You're Amazing, Light-Years, Your Mother Should Told You ... Reale Roger C. & Rue Morque Radioactive 7,00 1978 Big Sound Records, New York BSLP -028, vg+/ex Yo.kuvassa levyn etiketti Hilly Michaels: Drums & Vocals G.E. Smith: Guitar Roger C. Reale: Lead Vocals & Bass High Society Dear Dad Stop And Go Pain Killer Kill Me Reach For The Sky Madonna's Last Stand Please Believe Me Inside Outside I Can't Control Myself JUST A GIGOLO ESITTÄJÄ LEVY EUROA KUNTO MUUTA David Lee Roth Crazy From The Heat 8,50 1985 Warner Bros. Germany 925 222-1, vg+/ex Alkuperäinen sisäpussi Muusikoita mukana: Edgar Winter, Carl Wilson ... Easy Street Medley: ( 4:39 ) - Just A Gigolo - I Ain't Got Nobody California Girls Coconut Groove SLADE Englantilainen glam rock - bändi Toiminnassa 1966 - 1991 Aloitti 1966 nimellä: The N'Betweens LEVY EUROA KUNTO MUUTA Slade in Flame 25,00 1975 Warner Bros. USA, BS 2865 vg+/ex, rw, Price Cut-Corner Original Sound Track Recording Produced Chas Chandler Hoe Does It Feel? Them Kinda Monkey's Can't Swing So Far So Good Bangin' Man O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday Far Far Away This Girl Lay It Down Thanks for the Memories Standin' on the Corner


Pretenders Get Close 5,00 1986 Can, Lyrics, ex/ex Prince Lovesexy 7,00 1988 Warner Bros, ex/ex Lyrics, Soittamaton levy GENYA RAVAN Ravan Genya ...And I Mean It! 9,00 1979 20 Century Fox 6370 296 Lyrics, vg+/ex Alkuperäinen sisäpussi A Genya Ravan Production Pedal To The Metal Won't Sleep On The Wet Spot No More Steve..., Stubborn Kinda Girl It's Me Junkman, Love Isn't I'm Wired Wired, Wired Roto Root Her, Night Owl ==== MYYTY! Rea Chris water sign 5,00 1983 Magnet, MAGL 5048 ex/ex, Lyrics Let It Loose, Candles, Hey You, Out Of The Darkness, Deep Water, Texas, Love's Stange Ways ... Rea Chris Herzklopfen 5,00 Polystar Germany, 831082-1 ex/ex, Saksa - painos On The Beach, Josephine Loving You, All Summer Long I Can Hear Your Heartbeat Reasons, It's All Gone Wired To The Moon Ace Of Hearts und viele andere ... ROLLING STONES AND RELATED
Ex = Excellent = Virheetön tai lähes virheetön levy ja kansi. Vg = Levyä soitettu paljon, käytön jälkiä joilla voi olla lievää vaikutusta äänenlaatuun. Vielä hyvin soittokelpoinen levy. Kannen yleisilme hyvä, normaalia kulumaa, ehkä siisti teippaus ... Vg- = Ei nirppanokille
Ensin kansi, sitten levy, esim. ex/ex
Dan Hartman Waiting To See You/ Waiting To See You ( Film To Dance Mix ) 4,00 1986 Epic, EPCA 12.7186 Maxi 12", vg+/vg+ Taken from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Ruthless People ROXY MUSIC Perustettu 1971 Bändin musiikkia kutsuttiin nimellä taiderock Brian Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno ... Ferry Brian Let's Stick Together 8,50 1976 Polydor UK, vg+/ex Brian Ferry, Chris Spedding ... Casanova, Sea Breezes, 2HB Shame, Shame, Shame The Price Of Love Change Meeting It's Only Love You Go To My Head Re-make/ Re-model Heart On My Sleeve Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 25,00 1973 Island Records, vg+/ex, weak rw Palmupuu - etiketti The Second Roxy Music Album Hieno kansi Kuva avattavasta kannesta yllä Do the Strand, Beauty Queen Strictly Confidental Editions of You In every Dream Home a Heartache The Bogus Man, Grey Lagoons For your Pleasure ===== Rundgren Todd Hermit Of Milk Hollow 7,50 1978 Bearsville Records, Lyrics ex/ex The Shamen The Shamen 6,00 In Gorbachev We Thrust, vg+/ex Simple Minds TULOSSA!! SIMPLY RED LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Men And Women 6,50 1987 WEA, WX 85, ex/ex Lyrics, Orig. Inner The Right Thing, Suffer Infidelity, Love Fire I Won't Feel Bad Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye Let Me Have It All Move On Out, Shine Maybe Someday... New Flame 6,00 1989 Wea - Music, vg+/ex Lyrics, Orig. Inner SPARKS Whomp That Sucker 7,00 1981 Durium Italy, vg+/ex Lyrics OIKEA PRINSESSA 3,50 € ESITTÄJÄ LEVY KUNTO ( Kansi/Levy) Stephanie Live Your Life 1986 Alpha Records, ONELP-016 ex/ex Recorded And Mixed At Marcadet Studio, Paris CAT STEVENS The World Of Cat Stevens 12,00 1970 Decca UK, SPA 93 vg+/ex Alkuperäinen Decca sisäpussi Here Comes My Wife Granny Matthew And Son Here Comes My Baby Lovely City I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun I Love My Dog Kitty The First Cut Is The Deepest A Bad Night School Is Out Where Are You ROD STEWART LEVY HINTA KUNTO/ MUUTA Atlantic Crossing 7,50 1975 Warner Bros. Ger, vg+/ex Sailing I Don't Wanna Talk About It ... Greatest Hits 7,00 1979 Warner Bros. US, vg+/ex Vagabond Heart 5,00 1991 Warner Bros. vg+/ex It Takes Two ( Duet With Tina Turner ) ... Style Council Introducing The Style Council 7,00 1983 Polydor Ger., Mini LP, 815 277-1 ex/ex Paul Weller sings Mick Talbot plays Hammond Organ & Piano Forte Style Council Our Favorite Shop 7,00 1985 Polydor Ger., GF Lyrics, ex/ex, Inner vg ESITTÄJÄ LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Tantrum Tantrum 7,00 1978 Ovation Incorp. Illinois USA OV-1735 Sealed, soittamaton levy Listen, You Came To Me Kansi muoveissa You Are My Everything Happy Yesterdays Pam Bradley (vocals) Kidnapped Sandy Caulfield (vocals) Barb Erber (vocals) Flash Commander Ray Sapko (guitar) Night On Main Street Phil Balsano (keyboards) Livin' My Life Without You Bill Syniar (bass guitar) Kid Brother, No More Vern Wennerstrom (drums) === Tikaram Tanita The Sweet Keeper 5,00 1990 WEA, WX330 vg+/ex Lyrics Produced by Rod Argent and Peter van Hooke Once & Not Speak Thursday's Child It All Came Back Today We Almost Got It Together Consider The Rain Sunset's Arrived Little Sister Leaving Town I Owe All To You Love Story Harm In Your Hand's Travolta John Can't Let You Go 7,00 1974 Midland Rec. USA, ex/ex
=== U2

U2 Boy 15,00 1980 Island UK, ex/ex Lyrics U2 October 15,00 1981 Island Records UK, ILPS 9680 vg+/ex, kuvallinen sisäpussi Vocals: Bono Guitars - Piano: The Edge Gloria, I Fall Down Adam Clayton: Bass I Threw A Brick Though A Window Larry: Drums Rejoice, Fire Tomorrow, October With A Shout ( Jerusalem ) Stranger In A Strange Land Scarlet, Is That All? VAN MORRISON JA LIITTYEN ESITTÄJÄ LEVY HINTA KUNTO MUUTA Van Morrison His Band And The Street Choir 15,00 1971 Warner Bros Ger. K 46066, vg+/ex Domino, Crazy Face Give Me A Kiss I've Been Working Call Me Up In Dreamland I'll Be Your Lover, Too Blue Money, Virgo Clowns Gypsy Queen, Sweet Jane If I Ever Needeed Someone Street Choir Them Belfast Gypsies 15,00 1977 Sonet SNF 738, vg+/vg+ Legendary Master Recordings Midnight Train, Boom Boom The Last Will And Testament Portland Town, Suicide Song Secret Police, Gloria's Dream Hey Gyp, Dig The Slowness The Crazy World Inside Me Aria Of The Fallen Angel People, Let's Freak Out ==== Various Artists Sun City 7,00 1985 Manhattan Records, vg+/ex ST-53019 Artists United Against Apartheid Mukana kuvaliite esiintyjistä Produced By Little Steven and Arthur Baker Mittava esiintyjäkaarti: Michael Monroe, Pat Benatar Bono, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan Bob Geldof, Herbie Hancock Bonnie Raitt, Ringo Starr Bobby Womack, Lou Reed John Oates, Shankar Bruce "Pomo" Springsteen Zak Starkey, George Clinton Jimmy Cliff, Pete Townshend The Fat Boys and many more ... Western Justice Excerpts From A Diary 7,50 1975 vg/ex, GF Booklet 12 - Pages Recorded By Ex-Beach Boys Manager Jack Rieley HUOM.!! ÄÄNILEVYJEN KUNNOSTA Meillä on ymmärrys käytettyjen äänilevyjen kuntoon ja siihen mitä voi myydä. Äänilevyjen kuntokoodit ovat tämän sivun alussa. Kuntomerkintä hintatiedon yhteydessä. Sähköpostivastauksessamme kuvaamme aina levyn ja kannen kunnon. Sellaisia levyjä että "neula pomppii" ei ole tällä sivulla. Noudatamme kuluttajansuojalakia. TILAUSTEN TOIMITUSTAPA: Tilaukset ennakkomaksulla tilillemme: Tilaus + todellinen postimaksu + pakkaus- ja toimituskulua 0,50 euroa. Olisi hyvä jos tilauksessasi mainitset olevasi selvillä maksutavasta. Esim. maininnalla: Maksu ennakkoon, tms. Tarkemmat tilausohjeemme ovat valikkosivumme oikeassa yläreunassa. Siellä esim. sähköpostilla tilaamisesta, tavaroiden varattuna pitämisestä ... Pyydämme tutustumaan! Tilinumeron ja kaiken muun tarvittavan tiedon annamme sähköpostivastauksessamme. Pienenä liikkeenä, tapahtuneiden väärinkäytösten johdosta pidämme kiinni yllä olevasta maksutavasta. Varsinkin kiireisinä aikoina kun vastattavanamme on paljon viestejä, katsomme voivamme jättää huomioimatta muunlaiset maksutapaehdotukset. Mikäli saamme kovin puutteellisen tilauksen ( postiosoite puuttuu jne ), katsomme voivamme itsekin vastata viestiin vain alustavasti. TILAUSTEN TOIMITUSAJAT, LUOTETTAVUUS ... Pyydämme tutustumaan tilausohjeisiimme. ( Linkki valikkosivumme oikeassa yläreunassa ) ESIMERKKI MAKSUISTA 1 LP: Levy + postimaksu 8,10 € + pakkaus- ja toimituskulua 0,50 € = Levy + 8,60 €. 2 - 6 LP:tä: Levyt + postimaksu 8,10 € + pakkaus- ja toimituskulua 0,50 € = Levyt + 8,60 €. Määrä 2 - 6 LP:tä riippuu levyjen painosta. Katsomme aina todellisen postimaksun. Pakettilähetyksissä lähetämme postittamisen jälkeen pakettikortin koodin, jolla tilauksen kulkua voi seurata postin www - sivulta. Olemme toimineet vuodesta 1993 lähtien. Internetissä olemme toimineet vuodesta 1999. Tarkemmin meistä pääsivulla valintakohdassa: Tietoa meistä Sivumme ovat niin ajan tasalla kuin käytännössä on mahdollista. Kaikki äänilevymme ovat nettisivuillamme. Kaikki levymme eivät ole liikkeessämme. Mikäli aiot poiketa meillä olisi ennakkoviesti tarpeen, että voimme palvella parhaiten. PRICES ARE IN EUROS
1 EURO = about 1,2096 US$, 0,66425 £, 9,1688 SEK, 8,2780 NOK, 128,61 Jen. CONDITION GRADES ( COVER/ RECORD ) AND APPREVIATIONS USED:
Vastaamme viesteihin arkisin klo 1000 - 1700 heti. 1 - 4 tunnin viive on mahdollinen muiden kiireiden takia. Mikäli vastaustamme ei kuulu, syy voi olla meistä riippumaton. Huomioi silloin myös puhelintilauksen mahdollisuus. Puhelintilauksen ohjeet pääsivulla.