Tuure Jokinen (1936-2006) is a renowned Finnish painter, whose production spans over 35 years.

Tuure  Jokinen was born into an agrarian family in Karstula in 1936. Art gradually took over his previos works as car salesman and real estate agent in the late 1960`s. He graduated from Vapaa Taidekoulun in Helsinki, where he was taught by Unto Pusa and Thorne Arne. In addition, he studied several years under the supervision of Hannes Autere and Eero Nelimarkka.  Jokinen has been to study trips in  Academie Goet´s, Paris.


Jokinen is known as a depicter of the sea and national Finnish themes such as Kalevala. Near to his heart are also landscapes, classical and allegoric themes along with ancient Greek mythology.

Tuure Jokinen has had exhibitions for instance in Turun Taidehalli in Turku, Gallery Julius in Helsinki, the Art Museum of Lappeenranta, Art Hall in Vaasa, at the Praasniekka -celebrations in Ilomantsi, Bomba House in Nurmes, Jyväskylä, Kuhmo and Karstula. The artist has his painstings deposited in several public and private collections in Finland. He has worked as a  counsellor of arts for the youth in Vantaa and teached painting in Jyvälä folk high school in Jyväskylä.

Jokinen parted life in 2006. Currently his works are available in Jyväskylä in Birka Art, which is open Tu-Su 12-18.