The dance group

Mana 'O Laka dance group performs dances from the Pacific Islands. The group comes from Finland, the country of thousands
of lakes in north Europe. The dance group has 8 members, who come from Finland, Japan and Indonesia.

Polynesian dances represent the culture of the Pacific Islanders. The dances tell stories about the beautiful nature of the islands,
love and the every day life of the islanders.

The performance of Mana 'O Laka includes dances from Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa and Cook Islands. The group aims to represent
the dances and the costumes respecting the native culture.
Through the dances Mana 'O Laka wishes also to share with
the audience the Aloha Spirit.

Dance shows and workshops

The show features colourful costumes, energetic drum dances
and charming action song dances from the Pacific Islands.
The performance of the dance group fits well whenever a joyous number is needed.

Since 2001 the group has been actively performing in different
kind of cultural events, festivals, theatres as well as company
and private parties. Mana 'O Laka has been awarded a prize at
the European Hula Festival in Germany three times, in the years 2003, 2004 and 2007.

For more information about the Mana 'O Laka show or dance workshops, please contact

Minna Mäntysalo
mobile +358 40 8323 192
email minna(at)

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