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I know what Google (and Youtube) is and that people are generally quite capable of finding interesting stuff on the Net without other people's link collections. However, completely disregarding this, and for my own enjoyment (and because I believe that my link collection also tells you something about me), here is my little list of links on different subjects that I find interesting and/or important.

photography links

This is one of the many places on the Net where photo enthusiasts can share their photos, or other artwork, and get lost while admiring, or abhorring, the works of other artists.

And my page on Flickr (which also gets updated more often than my homepage) can be found in the following

skniht_em. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr
The following, on the other hand, is a nice looking and easy-to-use software that I used to create my gallery. You can also get a Jalbum account that provides you with, at least, 30 MB free space to store your album(s).

web desgin links

This one is for inspiration when making websites:

This one is also about web design, but with tutorials etc.:

Now here's an interesting website that provides, both free of charge as well as chargeable, icons and vector graphics to the general public. They're kind of strict with their terms and conditions, which can be confusing for an ordinary user in the general public, but on the other hand, the graphics are very impressive (which is why I've used one particular on my welcome page).

anime links

Hayao Miyazaki also creates 2-dimensional magic on canvas and I adore most of his animations
---Studio Ghibli---

misc links

I know you can find Ingmar Bergman's website for yourself if you want, but this is for those who don't know that they should be familiar with the cinematography of this Swedish legend of a film director. (This webpage also functioned as inspiration to me when I decided to make my homepage simply black & white).
---Ingmar Bergman face to face---

The blog of a much travelled tv-chef named Anthony Bourdain with 'the gift of the gab'
---Tony's blog---

Carrying the title of a Master of Arts, I'm prone to advertising what exactly I got it for (and since it so conveniently happens to be online); my MA thesis:
---MA Thesis Abstract---

Antoine de Saint Exupery's 'The Little prince' is a magical little story that in my opinion should be read (with thought) by everybody. The following therefore contains links to online versions in different languages of this story.
---Little Prince link collection---

George Orwell's 'Animal farm' is another text that contains some basic truths about life and human beings, and should likewise be read by everybody who would like to understand either one a little better.
---The novel 'Animal Farm' (pdf file)---

William Shakespeare is another writer whose works it doesn't hurt to read (if not all, then at least some). But don't bother if you only want to read them so can brag about having read something by him, read it because his plays are actually entertaining - funny, tragic, spellbinding.
---The Complete Works of W. Shakespeare---

'DeviantART' is where I go when I want a new wallpaper to my desktop. This is also more or less the only place on the entire Net that has not only decent but often amazing work-of-art wallpapers.
---DeviantART - wallpaper category---

I solemnly swore to myself that I wouldn't put here any links to newspapers/radio stations/other well known sites that people can find anyway. But here I have one anyway. The following link leads to a subsite of bbc radio 4; more precisely to their 'Arts and Drama' page. The reason for putting this here is that I think they have great radio plays, that I like to listen to every once in a while. The 'Afternoon Reading', where they read a book, isn't so bad either, but I definitely like the plays better.:
---BBC, Radio 4 'Arts & Drama'---

Since I have a film about Sylvia Plath on my favourite films list, I also makes sense to have a link to a homepage about the poet. My personal favourite, although I haven't read all of her poems, is 'The Applicant'.
---Sylvia Plath Homepage---

And yes, there is an end to it all:
---The End of the Internet--- image
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