I built a PM-SDR kit. It was easy build, only some connectors and big parts to solder on PCB. All SMT parts are already on board. I plan to use it with CW Skimmer and also WinRad and possibly other software. Here I will add more information as I learn more about new equipment. Below screenshot from WinRad from 80 meters band during OH-activity.

First time using this kind of equipment it was not too easy to start with. I knew that I need a better sound-card, so I ordered an E-MU 0202 USB-interface from Thomann. That can use also 192 kHz bandwidth. Anyway first I test with my desktop PC and onboard soundcard. It worked, but soon I got E-mu and I start to use it. I tried to install all these to my laptop, but it seemed to be impossible with Vista OS. Maybe it works but I can't do it. On desktop with XP it was quite easy to get all installed. E-mu soundcard need to be off when booting system and turned on afterwards I learn. Now I have used SDR with CW Skimmer software and I can put here my settings. I plan to use this setup on coming CQWW DX CW contest in SO-assisted-SB 160 m. Antenna is split from my receiving antenna system. There is also a relay to protect SDR when transmitting. I have used it for some evenings and the system seems to copy even DX stations. TX3A, VK9XX, many JAs and so on hav ebeen on the screen. I set up skimmer to send spots to N1MM bandmap. It looked nice last weekend on 40 meters when LZ DX contest was running. Propably have to limit band where to decode signals, with my quite old PC. Here I will add more information later.

Below is screenshot during ARRL 160 m contest from CW Skimmer and PMSDR control software.

Picture of navigation beacons on the 160 m band.

First DX on the skimmer screen.

Jouni working VK9XX with help of CW Skimmer.

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