I took part in SAC contest in QRP class in both parts, CW and phone. Here I will add some stories and photos from these operations.

Thank You for all who heard and worked me!

Here I am working CW-contest.

I was using pseudo stereo for my headphones. It was very pleasant to listen for extended periods. This kit was made by OH6AC / OH6HGN.

Here station after SSB-contest. MFJ voice keyer was used for some CQing. That was very slow rate with 5 watts. Most of contacts were made while searching and pouncing.

Forty meters four-square's direction was switched with this cable and connecting to +12 VDC. Not very comfortable.

Spots from DX Summit during SAC CW:

SV1ENG 14053.0 OH4MFA 1139 20 Sep Finland 
F5IN 14059.4 OH4MFA 0636 20 Sep Finland 
LY7M 3557.0 OH4MFA SAC-CW 1916 19 Sep Finland 
NN3W 14053.2 OH4MFA 1619 19 Sep Finland 
AE1T 14053.4 OH4MFA 1559 19 Sep Finland

More to come shortly...

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