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General Ham radio

SG-239 antenna coupler and projects



CQWW DX 2011

SAC SSB 2011

SAC CW 2011

Mobile ham radio

OH4RUB 70 cm toistinasema

SRAL Field Day CW 2011

SAC CW 2010

9M2AX rooftop

Visited rooftop of 9M2AX's QTH back in '95-'96 while working with cellular networks in Malaysia. Here is photo what I believe is feedpoint of 160 m half sloper. What I know for sure is that copper strip, copper cable and cable ladder are part of GSM 1800 system.

Old station photos


My first and second HF-rigs: Kenwood TS-180 S and Icom IC-706. 21255 kHz was our local meeting pole. Kenwood I sold to OH4HAX and Icom to OH7MK.

They were replaced by Icom IC-736. Location of radio equipment changed too. Jouni OH4KZM working CQWW SSB at 15 meters. Jukka worked 160 m in same contest.


New linear amplifier added, Command Technologies Commander HF-2500. Also Daiwa SWR/power meter.


Added TenTec M238 tuner. FT1000D was loaned from OH4EA. Here have DX-cluster connection via packet. Something that not have any more. Sometimes miss it a lot.


Kenwood TS-430S was loaned from OH4KBC/KEC. Here also K2 ready.

City QTH

Working with K2 on the balcony. Only a summertime treat :)

Stealhy random wire antenna thrown to tree.

New antenna on the balcony. 10 meters long fishing pole attached to railing.

Pole is supporting about 8,5 meters long end fed wire. You can see also 70 cm dipole for packet radio.

APRS equipment

Ready to go to my car: MDR modem/radio, Garmin 45XL with antenna and assortment of cables.

I took photo of my Revex 2 m / 70 cm SWR and power meter. 02. Jan 2007

80 m coaxial loop tuning capasitor.

I need to clear my workshop?

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