26. - 31. Dec 2008


25. - 26. Apr 2009


We had short QRP operation from Nauvo 25. - 26. Apr 2009. Only 5 contacts in the log.

QSL cards out from print 17. February. All QSL's sent to bureau!

Log search and QSL info!

Modes and operation

We prefer CW.
We are QRV in Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge in multi operator category.
We are on air on as many bands and as many hours as possible.

We will leave home on friday 26th early morning for 500 km journey to Kustavi, where we will arrive afternoon. We will install first antenna and start operating as soon as possible. Other operator will continue antenna work to get more antennas up before sunset. Both continue antenna installation during saturday daylight hours for Topband. In Stew Perry we can operate only 14 hours, so we will be on air on other bands that night too. We will close down operations wednesday morning to allow dismantling of antennas during daytime. Maybe one station continues to operate during take down period when one can take down antennas by himself.

See You on the bands!


OH4KZM / OH4JT, Jouni

OH4MFA, Jukka


Station 1

Elecraft K2/100
Commander HF-2500 amplifier

Station 2

Yaesu FT-920

PC's with N1MM logging software


(10 - 20 m Spiderbeam was not installed)
20 m vertical dipole (stn 1)
30 m CompactVerticalDipole (stn 2)
40 m vertical (stn 1 and 2)
80 m vertical (stn 1 and 2)
160 m T-vertical (stn 1)
K9AY RX loops, four direction switchable (stn 1)


Preparing for pedition


Ready to go in friday morning 6 AM local time.

Kuva 010.jpg (100073 bytes)

Closing Kustavi, we stop at our sister's home in Turku and had Christmas lunch, so we had small delay.

Kuva 017.jpg (68141 bytes)

Finally on the air friday evening!

Jouni on 80 meters with FT920. Antenna was not 100 % ready but we completed it saturday morning, e.g. radials were lying on the ground. It was already dark when we arrived on the island.

Kuva 025.jpg (109060 bytes)

80 meters inverted L vertical antenna with two elevated radials, after completing installation in saturday.

Kuva 027.jpg (61231 bytes)

Operating site, station #2 in cabin on the left and station #1 in the camping van on the right.

Kuva 029.jpg (128972 bytes)

Jukka testing 160 meters T-vertical in saturday. It was cool day, but sweat was breaking through during antenna work. Ofcourse operator could use some more exercise :)

Kuva 045.jpg (105095 bytes)

And now Jukka running on station 2 from the cabin, 40 or 30 meters. There was no heating, we used small heater. Door was not totally closed because coaxial cables went through, so it was not always so comfortable.

Kuva 051.jpg (88091 bytes)

Jouni running at station 1. Tempereture changed from 5 to 23 degrees during our operations inside camping van. This we used also for sleeping.

Kuva 053.jpg (123353 bytes)

160 meters T-vertical antenna with two elevated radials.

Kuva 061.jpg (95836 bytes)

20 meters vertical dipole.

Kuva 065.jpg (83620 bytes)

K9AY on the left and 20 meters antenna on the right. K9AY receiving antenna was quite useless, because T-vertical was quiet on the receive, but we can hear same stations with K9AY too.

Kuva 070.jpg (108903 bytes)

Sea was icy already.

Kuva 073.jpg (97134 bytes)

Top of 30 meters compact vertical dipole. This antenna was surprisingly good. Thanks to Jouni setting it up. We ran all 30 meter QSOs with low power from station #2.

Kuva 087.jpg (70166 bytes)

40 meters vertical with two radials. About half of QSOs with low power.

Kuva 088.jpg (121361 bytes)

40 and 30 meter antennas during sunset.

Kuva 100.jpg (96528 bytes)

Fireworks before new year. T-vertical supports were loosened in wind and wire touched ground. It looked nice but scary. Had to make short QRX naturally.

Kuva 106.jpg (50716 bytes)

Matching unit for T-vertical. Had to make more inductance because antenna was too low.

Kuva 114.jpg (122662 bytes)

Jouni running 40 meters.

Kuva 120.jpg (107122 bytes)

This would have been nice view from station 2. But we prefer laptop screen and wooden walls :)

Kuva 123.jpg (95857 bytes)

Jukka having too much fun on 80 meters. This in from last evening. Soon we went to sauna.

Kuva 129.jpg (106452 bytes)

Jouni on 80 m phone after sauna. We did prefer CW.

Kuva 135.jpg (113660 bytes)

This is quite rare, Jukka on mike. 80 meters too.

Kuva 139.jpg (82344 bytes)

On the way home on the bridge connecting Kustavi to mainland.

Kuva 149.jpg (69765 bytes)







915 + 167











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