OH4MFA/1 IOTA EU-096 Parainen pedition 2007


I was invited to take part in IOTA pedition to EU-096. Made some 400 QSOs on 20, 30 and 40 meters. Thank you for great hosts OH6LI and OH3BHL!

Link to Rami's site.

QSL status

Direct QSL's have been replied. Bureau cards are ready to go.

OH4MFA IOTA EU-096 Kustavi pedition February 2008

I tried to activate IOTA EU-096 from Kustavi. My plan was to work 20, 30 and 40 meters CW outside CQ 160 SSB contest. Week before pedition I was working about fifty hours in saltmine, so I was quite tired already when left for Kustavi saturday morning. My XYL helped with antenna works and we get 20 meter vertical dipole and 40 m GP up around local noon. Dipole started to work fine. Run some stations and noticed there was UBA contest going on. Went to put up 160 meter T-antenna (see here). I was also looking for Ducie Island VP6DX and heard this DX pedition on 20 meters and tried to call some time. But no luck with them, pile-up was still too thick. Then started with 160 m CQ contest. I had to go to sleep already 1830 UTC. Woke up couple of times during nighttime, but can't get any QSO in160. Wake up finally 03 UTC and work 160 m until sunrise. Then continue with UBA on 20 meters. 40 meter GP ws not working and I don't have power to put up 30 meter antenna. IOTA activation was only on 20  and 160 and most station worked were UBA contest stations. Worked about 100 QSO on 20 and 56 QSO on 160 contest. I plan to go again when there is not contest activity and try to be on air much more and on several bands. Location is very nice. Some pictures below.

20 meters vertical dipole attached to 12,5 m DX-Wire pole.

Working UBA and passing IOTA EU-96 on 20 meters.

Antennas and other materials in trunk of my Fiat. Radio, computer and antennapoles on the backseat.. Why need so much stuff for small pedition :)

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Ratakatu 17-19 C 24

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