HS/OH4MFA DX-pedition 1999


My first ever part-time DX pedition took place in Thailand 10. - 26. 11. 1999. Only thirteen hours of active operating, but it was great fun! I was also operating in the CQWW DX CW contest multi/single category from HSAC. Here is some pictures from this operation and station.

RAST membership card
My RAST membership card.

Jukka at the HS0AC door
Here I am at the door of HSAC clubstation at AIT campus. 45 km North of central Bangkok.

Jukka working as HS0/OH4MFA
At the HSAC shack 15. 11. operating as HS/OH4MFA. Rigs: ICOM IC-781, KENWOOD TL-922 amplifier.

Antennas at HS0AC
Antennas at HSAC: TH7DXX, A3, 40 and 80 m dipoles. Note the huge transmission line on the background! It give a bit QRM to some bands.

More antennas at HS0AC
On the left is Butternut HF6V, which was installed prior to CQWW CW contest for 40 and 80 m use.

Pictures from the CQWW DX CW '99 Multi/Single contest operation.

Hide and Tham working
In front is Tham, E21CJN, on running station and Hide, JR5XPG, on the back hunting for multipliers.

Happy contesters
In the heat of the contest, from front to back: Champ, E21EIC; Joe, HS2JFW (He made the first EME QSO from Thailand later, UFB!); Sam, HS/SM3DYU; Jukka, OH4MFA and Phot, E2GMY.

Ray working
Ray, HS/G3NOM (Later HS0ZDZ), running good pile-up on 15 meters.


16.3.2000 QSL-cards have been collected from print and labels are attached. Bureau cards have been sent to OH bureau on week 15/2000. Directly received QSLs have been answered.

My XYL is attaching QSL labels to QSLs
My XYL was very helpful with QSLs

I have noticed some copying errors, when QSLs come in from bureau. New cards are sent to correct stations as they are needed. Sorry for delay in QSLing caused by my bad ears.

DX pedition statistics.

Band Mode QSOs DXCC Total DXCC
7 SSB 1 1  
7 CW 65 5 6
14 SSB 10 6  
14 CW 67 24 26
21 SSB 5 1  
21 CW 160 30 29
28 SSB 1 1  
28 CW 262 41 42
Total CW 554 58  
Total SSB 17 8  

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HS/OH4MFA QSL info is: 

Ieskatu 7 as 63
FI-20210 TURKU

Cards via bureau are also welcome. All contacts will be confirmed.

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