CQWW DX CW 2009, OG4T Single Op Single Band High Power 160 m Assisted


I participated in CQWW DX CW contest in 160 meters single band assisted category.

Rigs: Elecraft K2/100, PM SDR
Amp: Commander HF-2500
Software: N1MM Logger, Home planet for showing grayline, CW Skimmer
TX-antennas: Parasitic vertical array
RX-antennas: 2 x two-wire beverages 180 m long, 1 Beverage 250 m long, 1 Beverage 100 m long.


Wednesday before contest. Setting up Skimmer spotting station. Tired and worried :)

It finally works. Spots are coming to logging computer. This already couple of days before contest.

Old mobilephone serving as a support for laptops screen (hinges are broken).

Old laptop running N1MM and rig control. WLAN for other PC to send spots from CW Skimmer. K2/100 with additional cooling.

MFJ1026 and antenna switching arrangement.

HF-2500 with cool kilowatt. I didn't use max power so not necessary to retune when jumping band up and down.

Tuner in bypass, vertical has quite low SWR. Oldest laptop running homeplanet to show greyline. 3G modem on the background.

Left screen has CW Skimmer, right screen lowband chat. Can see clearly navigation beacons in lower part of topband. PM SDR is below bigger screen.

160 m bandpass filter, W7IUV preamplifier, and some prototype equipment for switching and protecting receivers while transmitting.

Callsign list of Skimmer in some stage of contest. Propably morning, because not many DX and only 64 calls. (yes it is morning... around 7 UTC :)

Updated: 24-tammi-12

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