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1974/75 Bell Musical Instruments Catalogue


The Hayman (or Sound City) Concord

Anyone got a spare handle?

Photo (just couldn't resist putting the Rick there as well...) (JPG, 332k)

Concord schematic (I sketched this one myself, so proceed with caution) (PDF, 103k)

Reverb box drawing


Laney Klipp 60W

Now this one has had its share of flashovers and shit...it still works, believe it or not.

Outside of chassis (JPG, 161k)

Circuitry (1) (JPG, 279k)

Circuitry (2) (JPG, 260k)

Circuitry (3) (JPG, 245k)



Gösta Sundqvistin radio-ohjelmat (2012-12-02, .XLS)