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Sketches from Australia

11.2.2012: As many of you have noticed new updates haven't come over the year. I'm doing new websites and hopefully they will be releasable during this spring. Outfit won't change much but the observations will be in MySQL-database. Meanwhile you can browse sketches in Deespky Archive and spy on my very unstable sandbox.

Hickson 2, Hickson 84

M92, NGC 6645, PK 47+42.1 (Abell 39), PK 53+3.1 (Abell 59), PK 58+6.1 (Abell 57)

 A report from Western Australia (in finnish only)

26.4.2010: NGC 3813, NGC 3941, NGC 4151 & NGC 4156, NGC 4618 & NGC 4625, NGC 4800

6.4.2010: Random photos of Australian trip can be found here and here. Sketches will come in few months, be patient!  

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