Basic object information
Object name: NGC 2467
Object type: Open cluster
Magnitude: 7.1
Size: 15.0'
Number of stars: 50
Object classification: I 3 m n:b
Description: pB,vL,R,er,*8m
Notes: H IV 22;Scattered stars 8..12 w vF haze of nebulosity;in PUP OB1

Catalog information
RA (J2000.0): 07h 52m 30.0s
Dec (J2000.0): -26 26' 00"

Constellation: Puppis

Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Obs. place: NOT (2390 m), La Palma, Spain
Date/Time: 28/29.3.2008 23:35

Telescope: Newton 110/805 mm

Magn: 115x


Field: 43'

NE Lim.mag: 7.2

Background sky: 1

Seeing: 3

Height: 22
Visuality: I
Weather: +4C, huminidy 40%, wind 7 m/s

My favorite object in Puppis. I found this by accident in 2005 when I was just scanning southern sky in Gran Canary. This tells much about object's brightness. The main nebula is nearly round and carries a 9 mag stars in the middle. There are some fainter structures and some other stars visible in the nebula. A nice arc of cosmic haze lies on the eastside, it has a small group of 11 mag stars on the southern end. Also some other faint patches can be seen with averted vision.