Basic object information

Object name: NGC 663
Object type: Open cluster
Magnitude: 7.1
Size: 15.0'
Number of stars: 80
Magnitude of brightest star: 8.4
Object classification: III 2 m
Description: Cl,B,L,eRi,st pL
Notes: H VI 31;In Cas OB8;incl Struve 151 152 & 153

Catalog information

RA (J2000.0): 01h 46m 00.0s
Dec (J2000.0): +61 15' 00"

Constellation: Cassiopeia

Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Obs. place: Lakasenpelto, Imatra, Finland
Date/Time: 2/3.11.2004 19:20

Telescope: Newton 110/805mm

Magn: 47x


Field: 64'

NE Lim.mag: 5.1

Background sky: 4

Seeing: 2

Height: 62
Visuality: II
Weather: +3C, 73% Moon is rising in NE

Bright and rich open cluster. Several members are between 9 and 12 magnitudes. Four doubles are the leading members of the group. Horseshoe -shaped background glow is obvious even in these conditions with direct vision.