Basic object information

Object name: NGC 1535
Object type: Planetary nebula
Magnitude: 9.6
Size: 51.0"
Magnitude of central star: 12.1
Object classification: 4(2c)
Description: vB,S,R,pS,vsbM,r
Notes: H IV 26;PK206-40.1

Catalog information

RA (J2000.0): 04h 14m 18.0s
Dec (J2000.0): -12 44' 00"

Constellation: Eridanus

Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Obs. place: La Plata, Gran Canary, Spain
Date/Time: 1/2.2.2005 21:25

Telescope: Newton 110/805 mm

Magn: 214x

Filter: UHC

Field: 28'

NE Lim.mag: 6.5

Background sky: 2

Seeing: 2

Height: 47
Visuality: II
Weather: +10C, windy

Very bright, round and blue planetary nebula which is much brighter in the middle. Structure?