Basic object information
Name: M 73
Type of object: Open cluster
Magnitude: 8.9
Size: 2.8'
Number of stars: 4
Magnitude of brightest star: 10.0
Object classification: IV 1 p :b
Description: Cl,eP,vlC,No neb
Notes: 4 or 5 10th mag stars;Messier saw neby but there is none

Catalog position for epoch J2000.0
Right ascension: 20h 59m 00.0s
Declination: -12 38' 00"

Constellation: Aquarius

Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Obs. place: Mellonmäki, Imatra, Finland
Date/Time: 27/28.8.2003 0.31

Telescope: Dobson 406/1830mm

Magn: 244x


Field: 12'

NE Lim.mag: 5,6

Background sky: 4

Seeing: 4

Height: 15
Visuality: I
Weather: windy, humid, +7C

Neljän 10-11 mag tähden muodostama Y-kuvio.