Basic object information

Type of object: Globular clusters
Magnitudes: 14.7 & 15.4

Catalog information

RA (J2000.0): 00h 43m 20s
Dec (J2000.0): +41 07' 25"

Constellation: Andromeda

Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Obs. place: Härskiänsaari, Ruokolahti, Finland
Date/Time: 5/6.10.2005 0:04

Telescope: Newton 457/2280 mm

Magn: 305x


Field: 10'

NE Lim.mag: 6.7

Background sky: 2

Seeing: 3

Height: 68
Visuality: IV
Weather: +8C

Probably two faint globulars in Andromeda if they are marked in the right places in SkyMap Pro 10. I'm little bit sceptical courtesy of the photos.