Wallaby's Salukis


About Wallaby's Salukis ..

Fin CCH Wallaby's Ram-es Rajiyyah

Thanks to my family and good friends help I have bred 24 litters of smooth and feathered Wallaby's Salukis. Usually I have had only one litter per year, I will tend not to breed very frequently and will only breed from my bitch once or twice during her lifetime. We spend much time with our puppies as I believe happy temperaments are of the utmost importance and we like to think that when a puppy leaves us, it is friendly and well-adjusted, able to cope with all turns of life. When looking for homes we try to find those who will love the Salukis as we do and will treat them as members of the family, who will be kind and gentle towards them. If people want to show, race or course them we're delighted but if not as long as the dog is a pet and has a happy home and sleeps on the bed, that is more important.



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