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HOT NEWS 2011!!

Wallaby's Yolanda as-Sira

13.12.2011 add Scottish Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier and Pekingese - new breeds to judge!

07.11.2011 all Vionas puppies have moved to their own homes - good luck to the future!

20.10.2011 add Bouvier des Flanders and Norwich Terrier - new breeds to judge!

19.09.2011 Vionas puppies have own blog http://vionapuppies.blogspot.com/ !

15.09.2011 add lot of new breeds to judge from FCI groups 1,3 and 9!

11.09.2011 Wallabys Z-litter with seven puppies has born 2 boys and 5 girls !!

05.08.2011 Viona was ultrasounded and the vet found 6 puppies! Puppies expected in the middle of September. Inquiries are welcome!

09.07.2011 Viona was mated with C.I.B* Fi Ru Rkf Lt Se CH LtW-10 Khaireddin Tiilai Ja'afari 'Jaffe', read more from Puppies-page!

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