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HOT NEWS 2010!!

Saija & Wallaby's Yarrman Yazz

10.08.2010 passed collegium for Dachshunds!

09.06.2010 passed test for West Highland White Terrier

04.06.2010 passed test for Cairn Terrier

03.06.2010 passed test for Belgian Shepherd Dogs

26.05.2010 add new breed to judge - English Toy Terrier

04.05.2010 passed test for Border Terrier and French Bulldog

25.04.2010 passed test to Papillon and Phalene

04.04.2010 passed test to Pyrenean Sheepdog - Long haired

16.03.2010 passed collegium for Landseer!

01.03.2010 add new breeds from FCI2 Neapolitan Mastiff and Tornjak - to judge

14.02.2010 Created own page for our new familymember, Pari-Was Revati 'Ronja' :-)

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