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HOT NEWS 2009!!

Saija & Wallaby's Yarrman Yazz

05.12.2009 Congratulations Alice for her two CACIBs and CAC in St.Petersburg International Shows!!

01.12.2009 our beloved Riinah moved to the Rainbow Bridge Sunrise, sunset - swiftly fly the years, one season following another laden with happiness and tears

31.10.2009 Congratulations Alice for her first CACIB and CAC in Riga International Show - judged by Mr Vlasto Vojtek!!

26.08.2009 qualified also to Bloodhounds - the last breed from FCIgroup 6!

24.07.2009 passed test for Hovawart!

16.06.2009 passed test for Basset Hound!

15.06.2009 passed test for Pyrenean Mastiff

14.06.2009 Congratulations Amir for his first CACIB in Vejen International Show!! for his Champion titel in Vejen International Show!!

27.05.2009 passed test for Basset Fauve de Bretagne

18.04.2009 passed test for Black Russian Terrier

15.04.2009 passed test for Rottweiler

06.04.2009 passed test for Tibetan Mastiff

27.03.2009 add new breed from FCI1 Berger de Picardie - to judge

25.03.2009 passed test for Boxer

18.03.2009 passed test for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

01.03.2009 passed test for Newfoundland!

14.02.2009 passed tests for Bullmastiff, Doque de Bordeaux and Mastiff!

13.02.2009 passed test for Caucasian Shepherds Dog

01.02.2009 passed test for Leonberger

10.01.2009 Tarto Estonia FIN CH Wallaby's Valiy Al-Ahdi "ZIGGY" was BM-2 with CC & ESTONIAN CHAMPION and FIN & EST CH Wallaby's Tab-Asir Taruf "TRYGVE" was VET CC & VET BOB & New ESTONIAN VETERAN CHAMPION! He was also BOB and BIS-2 veteran and BOG-2!!! Read more Tiinas website

01.01.2009 New news-page! Photo above is of me & Rex, taken by David Dalton.

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