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HOT NEWS 2006!!

CH Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira & Wallaby's Y-litter Jan'06

28.12. passed collegiums for Affen Pinscher, German Pinscher and Giant Schnauzers!!

03.12. Our Grand Old Lady "Lulu" is already 14 years old!!

27.11. Happy First Birthday Rex and Y-litter!

21.11. passed collegium for Miniature Pinscher :-)

30.10. congratulations to Rex´s father Pilou for new International Champion Titel !!

09.10. add Lancashire Heeler, Maremmano-Abruzze. Scapendoes and Slocakian Cuvac as new breeds to judge!

30.09. add some new breeds to judge - Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, Komondor, Pulis, Pumi, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog and Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog!

25.09. Nice news from Belgium - our sweet Saga finnished her International Coursing Champion titel in France during last weekend!

24.09. congratulations to Ronya who won Saluki Clubs Veteran Coursing competition!!

30.08. add Hällefors Hund as a new breed to judge!

23.07. In Saluki Show Rex was BOS-smooth and Viona BIS-puppy judged by Mrs Daniela vd Lichte (Hadi el Basher Salukis) from Belgium!

22.07. In Helsinki Sighthound club Speciality Rex was BOB-puppy judged by Mrs Regina Tromp-Pruijn from Netherlands and later BIS-4 puppy by Mrs Arne Foss from Norway!

10.06. In Saluki Speciality Rex got price of honour and Viona was BOS-puppy (judged by Mrs Linda Scablon USA) and BOS-smooth while the CH Wallaby´s Valiy al-Ahdi was BIS-smooth and Best male fourth by Mr David Graham (Daxlore Salukis)

25.05. Rex and Viona took part the Puppy Show Somero and Viona was BOB BIG-1 and finally BIS-4 judged by Mr Unto Timonen (Woodbrooks Whippets) and Mrs Tarja Hovila (Adamant´s Springers)!

15.05. passed collegium for Great Danes!

01.04. add new breeds to judge - Cane Corso, Fila Brasileiro and Spanish Mastiff

30.03. passed collegium for Curly Coated Retrievers!

15.03. Two handsome boys from our X-litter (born 3rd Aug'05) are still looking for their own special homes: Xeer Khalifa and Xeer Wi-Ahamm. Added new pics of Xeer Wi-Ijal, Xeer Amira and Xeer Wi-Said.

01.04. add some new breeds - Cane Corso, Fila Brasileiro and Spanish Mastiff - to judge

08.03. passed collegium for Dalmatian!

29.01. congratulations to Tâdj Mahâl Badrân-Gazi 'Pilou' (sire of our Y-litter) for winning CACIB in Mouscron (Belgium) - he only needs one more to finish his INT CH -title.

11.01. passed collegium for Spanish Water Dogs!!

09.01. updated New Puppies -page and added own pages for Y-litter!
Added new pics of Wallaby's Wajd Waruda, Wallaby's Xeer Wi-Ajala & Wallaby's Xeer Amir

01.01. updated new breeds to judge - American Akita, Estonian Hound and Taiwan Dog

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