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HOT NEWS 2005!!

Wallaby's Sahr as-Saga enjoying her 5th Birthday in Belgium

27.11. New Puppies are here! Wallaby's Y-litter includes 3 grizzle males & 2 cream females :-)

31.10. updated Portugese Water Dog as a new breed to judge :-)

26.10. a visit to the vet confirmed that Sira's puppies are on their way! :-)

13.10. updated New Puppies -page and also added own pages to our X-litter!
Boys Xeer Khalifa, Xeer Wi-Ahamm & girl Xeer Wi-Ijal are still looking for they own special homes, inquiries welcome!

12.10. add Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Broholmer, Dogo Canario, Perro de Presa Mallorquin, Rafeiro do Alentejo and Tosa - new breeds to judge!

04.10. add Clumber Spaniel, Wachtelhund, American Water Spaniel, Barbet and Wetterhoun as new breeds to judge!

29.09. passed collegium to Saint Bernhard Dogs and also add Appenzeller Cattledog, Entlebucher Cattledog and Great Swiss Mountain Dog as new breeds to judge!

24.09. Happy and clever Saga (photo above :-) was third in bitches European Coursing Championship competition!

22.09. Sira was mated in Belgium with handsome smooth male Tâdj Mahâl Badrân-Gazi 'Pilou' - more information in New Puppies!

14.09. add Cocker Spaniel and Sussex Spaniel as new breeds to judge!

18.08. added some pics of the New Puppies and also one of their grandmom Wallaby's O'Shalimar at 9,5 years old!

03.08. New Puppies are here! Wallaby's X-litter includes 5 males (2 black/white, 2 black/tan and 1 cream) and 5 females (3 creams, 1 black/white and 1 black/tan) in different shades! Momma and babies are doing fine :-)

28.07. Sinna is pregnant and new Wallaby's-puppies should born any day now :-) Added new photo of the sire to Puppies-page! Added also new photo of Wallaby's Wahd Wazir.

03.07. Puppies-page updated!

11.06. Rajamäki, lure-coursing, Wallaby's Umm Uzuna was 4th and Edisova Be-L-Axass was 5th, both with CQ and over 500 points!

28.05. Wallaby's Tab-asir Tajila is mated to Tasia Eminence. We're expecting puppies in the beginnig of August. If interested, please take contact. More info at Puppies-page.

21.05. Turku, lure-coursing, Wallaby's Umm Uzuna won the race with 520 points and a CC!! Also Wallaby's Wajd Waruda and Edisova Be-L-Axass got CQ's.

14.05. Rajamäki, Finland-Cup Lure-Coursing 2005, Edisova Be-L-Axass was 4th with another CC!! Wallaby's Umm Uzuna was nicely 6th with CQ.

07.05. Rajamäki, SSaK's Lure-Coursing Championships 2005, Edisova Be-L-Axass was 2nd with CC!! Also Wallaby's Umm Uzuna, Wallaby's Wajd Waruda and Wallaby's Ram-es Ronya got CQ's.

01.05. passed during the weekend collegiums for Finnish Hound, Drever and Russian Hound!

30.04. add Bavarian Mountain Scenthound, Hannoverian Scenthound and Otterhound as a new breeds to judge.

28.03. interesting litter born in Slovenia out of Wallaby's offspring!

03.03. updated our new exciting Puppy Plans for the autumn! :-)

25.01. passed also Rhodesian Ridgeback collegium successfully!

23.01. passed collegium for Japanese Spitz - now the whole FCI Group 5 is ready and it is time to continue with other groups!

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