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HOT NEWS 2004!!

Wallaby's Umm Uzuna & Wallaby's Umm Umaiyad

18.12. passed the last test in the forest - I´m now qualified judge for hunting trial tests to all Finnish breeds!

14.11. Wallaby's Wajd Wayla won the Baltic Junior Winner titel in Riga judged by Ms Ubrova Libushe from Czach Republic!

10.11. FIN CCH Wallaby´s Ram-es Rajiyyah had a litter with six boys and four girls in kennel http://www.kolumbus.fi/dyynien/puppies.htm Dyynien!

09.11. unfortunately we didn't get any puppies this autumn - new plans on Puppies -page!

28.09. passed collegiums for English and Welsh Springer Spaniels!

23.09. updated Irish Water Spaniels and Lagotto Romagnolos as new breeds to judge.

12.09. Tampere, Finnish Sighthound Club's Specialty, judged by Mr Hermann Bürk (Germany) - Edisova Be-L-Axass was 3rd Best Bitch and won her first CC!

09.09. updated few new breeds from FCI Group 6 - Scent Hounds - to judge!

26.07. Passed collegium for Finnish Spitz, Karelian Bear Dog and Norrbotten Spitz!

24.07. Tammsvik Specialty in Sweden, judged by Mr. Bernard Barjot (France) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won Coursing Class and was later BOS Coursing Saluki by Mrs Janet L. Buchanan from Canada!

23.07. updated new breeds - Keeshond, Kleinspitz and Pomeranian - to judge!

24.06. added new pics of Wallaby's Sahr al-Lulu, Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira, Wallaby's Umm Uzuna, Wallaby's Wajd Waruda, Wallaby's Wahd Wazir, Edisova Be-L-Axass, Wallaby's Valiy al-Ahdi, Wallaby's Tab-asir Taruf & Wallaby's Karram Kim

21.06. MultiCH Wallaby's O'Sublime is proud mom of a beautiful black grizzle baby girl!

13.06. Virkkala, judged by Mr. Joao Vieira Lisboa (Portugal) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira was BOS and Wallaby's Valiy al-Ahdi was 2nd Best Male with CC, which also finished his Championship!!

06.06. Finnish Saluki Club's unofficial Saluki Show, judged by Mr. Jean-Luc Lemouzy (France) and Mrs. Anette Haferl (Switzerland) - Wallaby's Valiy al-Ahdi was 4th best male and BIS-smooth!

05.06. Finnish Saluki Club's Specialty, judged by Mr. Jean-Luc Lemouzy (France) - Wallaby's Sahr al-Lulu won open class (22 dogs), her first CC and BIS-smooth!!

19.05. Happy 12th Birthday to Cossu, Kim & Sony!

16.05. Mynämäki, judged by Mrs. Kornelia Butrimova (Lithuania) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won BOB, CC & BIG-4 .. and finished her Championship! :-)

13.05. updated Litters page!

09.05. Oulu, judged by Mr. George Kostopoulos (Greece) - Wallaby's Valiy al-Ahdi was 4th best male with res-CC! Today was also Finnish Saluki Club's Lure Coursing and Veteran Championship -competition in Siuntio, 54 salukis entered ... WONDERFUL results again! Umm Umaiyad won with 527 points & CC and is now Finnish Saluki Club's Coursing Champion 2004, sister Umm Uzuna was 2nd with 514 points & CC and Fin CCH Ram-es Rajiyyah is now Finnish Saluki Club's Veteran Coursing Champion 2004! Also Umm Uruk & Fin CCH Ram-es Ronya got CQs!

24.04. Lahti INT, judged by Mrs. Myrna Shiboleth (Israel) - Wallaby's Sahr al-Lulu was second best bitch and got res-CC + res-CACIB!

21.04. passed collegium to Akita!

20.04. updated American Cocker Spaniels as a new breed to judge!

27.03. Karkkila, Winter Lure Coursing-competition, Wallaby's-salukis got really nice results. Umm Uruk won the race with CC, Ram-es Ronya was 3rd with CQ, Umm Umaiyad was 4th with CC, Edisova Be-L-Axass was 5th with CC and also Sahr al-Lulu and Umm Uzuna got CQs!

29.02. Kaarina spec, judged by Mr. Harry Tast (Finland) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won res-CC!

26.02. updated Chow Chow as a new breed to judge!

21.02. passed collegium to Lapponian Herders and Finnish Lapphunds!

24.01. Turku INT, judged by Mr. Keith Thornton (Great Britain) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won open class and res-CC!

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