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HOT NEWS 2003!!

Fin CCH Wallaby's Ram-es Ronya

16.12. updated Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever as a new breed to judge :-)

15.12. Happy 4th Birthday Wallaby´s S-litter!

08.12. add a new breed - Flat Coated Retriever - to judge!

03.12. Happy 11th Birthday Wallaby´s L-litter!

02.12. Happy 7th Birthday Wallaby´s Q-litter!

23.11. updated W-litter -page with new photos!

15.11. updated Litters -page with introductions of our R-litter!

13.11. updated Litters -page with introductions of our S & T -litters!

12.11. updated Litters -page with introductions of our U-litter!

11.11 passed two new breeds to judge - Eurasier and Iceland Sheepdogs - in collegium!

09.11. updated W-litter -page with new photos & names!

05.11. updated Litters -page with introductions of our V- and W-litters! Updated also Puppies -page ..

02.11. Lahti, judged by Mrs. Raisa Savander (Finland) - Edisova Be-L-Axass won open class and res-CC!

28.10. Added pictures (19 days old) to Puppies-page.

26.10. Added pictures to Puppies-page.

25.10. Seinäjoki, judged by Mr. Unto Timonen (Finland) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won res-CC.

22.10. add Labrador Retriever as a new breed to judge!

19.10. FIN&EST CH Wallaby's Tab-asir Taruf run and won his Lure Coursing competition with CC in Hailuoto!

16.10. Updated Puppies-page.

14.10. updated Samoyed as a new breed to judge!

07.10. Our Riinah got 3+2 puppies! Read more from Puppies-page!

02.10. add few very rare breeds to judge - Hokkaido, Kai, Kishu, Korea Jindo Dog, Shiba, Shikoku and Thai Ridgeback Dog

30.09. after nice Åland holidays Riinah is very very pregnant and we are waiting for puppies on week 41!

14.09. Porvoo, judged by Mr Paolo Dondina (Italy) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won res-CC handled by Mrs Jaana Moisander!

13.09. updated Siberian Husky as a new breed to judge!

08.09. Luxemburg int - INT & D & CDH CH Wallaby´s Qazz Qassameh won also LUX CH titel! Fixed also some links to other Saluki sites :-)

02.09. At home again - we had just wonderful time in USA Michigan where I judged 80 Salukis in Huron Valley Saluki Club Speciality and found many very beautiful and typical Salukis there!

31.08. Vantaa, judged by Mr. Jose Homem de Mello (Portugal) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won her second CC and was also BOS!

31.08. Tampere Finnish Championship 2003 lure-coursing, Wallaby's Umm Umaiyad was 7th with CQ. Kiyar's grandson and Bambi's (our Edisova Be-L-Axass) brother, Fin CH Edisova Baz-Jar, was 3rd with CC!

24.08. Helsinki Derby and Veteranchampionship 2003 lure-coursing, Wallaby's Umm Umaiyad won the open competition with CC!

09.08. Osara INT lure-coursing competition, Wallaby's Umm Umaiyad was 2nd with CC, Wallaby's Umm Uzuna was 3rd and CCH Wallaby's Ram-es Ronya was 4th (both with CQ)!

07.08. Our black&blue Wallaby's Ram-es Riinah, has been mated to young, handsome FinJW-02 Kuriirin Dolezal Deverre. More info in puppies-page.

01.08. updated two new breeds - Alaskan Malamute and Swedish Vallhund - to judge!

27.07. updated three new breeds to judge!

26.07. Helsinki, judged by Mr. Stephen Wheeler (Australia) - Wallaby's Umm Uzuna won ResCC.

20.07. unofficial Saluki Show, judgeg by Mrs. Karin Hedberg (Sweden) - Wallaby's Ptah Bassam's progeny group was BIS and Wallaby's Sahr al-Lulu was BIS-smooth.

19.07. HVK Speciality, judged by Mrs. Mary Parker (England) - Wallaby's Umm Uzuna won open bitches and ResCC.

09.07. updated two new breeds - Norwegian Elkhound Grey and Swedish Elkhound - to judge!

06.07. Karjaa, judged by Mrs. Tuula Savolainen (Finland) - Wallaby's Sahr as-Sira won her first CC and was also BOS!

05.07. Tuusula, judged by Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen (Finland) - Wallaby's Umm Uzuna won her second CC!

29.06. Pieksämäki, judged by Mrs. Nina Karlsdottir (Sweden) - Wallaby´s Valiy al-Ahdi won ResCC.

22.06. In Italy European Coursing Championship our smooth "Saga" Wallaby's Sahr as-Saga was 5th! - read more about her Open Field Coursing career in England here

21.06. Saluki Jahresieger 2003 and BIS in Germany was Kiyar´s grandson Yalameh Arif - read more here

07.06. Saluki Speciality, judged by Mrs. Karen Fischer (England) - Wallaby's Umm Uzuna won her first CC and smooth Wallaby´s Valiy al-Ahdi won CC and was BOS-smooth! BIS-smooth was our Kiyar´s grizzle grand-daughter Tadj Mahal Baligyalam imported to Russia from Belgium.

03.06. updated couple of more breeds to judge and links

30.05. pages got a new layout .... :-)

25.05. Joensuu, judged by Mrs. Zafra Sirik (Israel) - Wallaby´s Valiy al-Ahdi won his first CC!

17.05. Ridasjärvi - CCH Wallaby's Ram-es Ronya won coursing competition among 22 salukis!

27.04. Lahti INT, judged by Mr. Guy Jeavons (Canada) - Edisova Be-L-Axass won
Intermediate class with ResCC!

22.04. our beloved CH Wallaby's Iqad Iwanda 'Wanda' passed away on this sunny Tuesday afternoon on the age 12½. She was a humourous saluki who had wonderful life with two litters and good friends and even on the Eastern Sunday she was still playful with our other salukis and Fanny-labrador. We are sure all her friends, children and grand-children around are missing her.

16.03. Tampere INT, judged by Mr. Jean-Louis Grünheid (France) - Wallaby's Sahr al-Lulu 'Sissy' was 2nd in Open Class and got ResCC & Res-CACIB!



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