Walkabout: The Story of a Brief Century
by Gregory Greene


Walkabout is a novel set in a near future. It explores a world where leaders have been allowed to create a climate of fear such that no-one can be trusted and everybody has to be under surveillance.  It exposes the workings of mind control in its political, commercial, and religious forms.  Walkabout questions established beliefs and shows that behind dogma, convention, and prejudice there’s usually someone who benefits.  The fast-paced action in Walkabout takes place in the disaster scenarios familiar from the Book of Revelation and follows the lives of its characters as they take back their freedom and triumph in the power of love.


The current, third edition
of Walkabout can be read as a free e-book here (PDF) and here (HTML). The current edition is also available as a Kindle e-book at Amazon. An earlier draft was available in paperback from Xlibris Corporation.

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