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There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.
- Christopher Morley

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Tomas Karlsson - guitarist, educator/ teacher, composer/ songwriter/ arranger, poet, jazz club owner, cultural producer, philosopher... - Kristiinankaupunki, Finland

Here you will find the latest information on what I am up to these days, like my bands, gigs and other projects. This site will also be a source for all kinds of nice and useful stuff for ( jazz) guitarists/ musicians such as FREE lessons, my original tunes, some licks, etudes, transcriptions and written solos and a lot of other stuff. You will also find that throughout these pages there are tiny bits of philosophy here and there interwoven with the music material. I like to think of it as Zen philosophy - but it is really nothing more than "ancient Eastern common sense everyday life type of wisdom" that most of us humans have lost somewhere along the way through history but that we can find again...


Latest News

  • Finally - I just released three new singles! Listen to Innocent Mental Mood, Innocent Mental Mood Episode II and TANSTAFJ ( There Ain't No Such Thing as Free Jazz) on Spotify or any other streaming service! You can also buy them from CD Baby or iTunes. I will very soon release a few more singles, so stay tuned...
  • I am soon going to release my second CD. This one is also going to feature instrumental music. It is going to be jazzier, more progressive, more written/ arranged and feature more different instruments - like keyboards and wind instruments... I am going to start more or less from zero and make a very different album than my last one. Why? Because I can... :-)

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