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If you haven't already got it, now is the time! Linux is going to step into homes, offices, schools and universities BIG TIME very soon so why not be on the cutting edge and get it right away? Debian GNU / Linux is my distribution of choice. There are many others, for example Red Hat, S.u.S.E., Slackware, LinuxPPC and MkLinux.

[Debian Logo][Debian Logo] I've got a PC running Debian GNU / Linux 2.2 ( potato) with kernel version 2.2.12. The hardware includes an Intel Pentium II processor running at 350 MHz, 128 MB of RAM, a 6.4 and an 8.4 GB HDD, a 32x speed CD-ROM drive, an HP 9300 CD-writer and a 17" monitor. I've also got an Epson Stylus Photo 870 ink jet printer, an HP ScanJet 4300C scanner, an Olympus C-920 Zoom digital camera and a TeleWell 5614UL 56K modem. For some more details about me and my computers and programming, check out this.

[StarOffice 5.0] I think that Linux really kicks ass. I'm recommending it to all my friends and some of the advantages over Mac OS or Windows that I'm particularly emphasizing are:

Installing Linux

A few words of advice to beginners wanting to install Linux:

[A Practical Guide to Linux]


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