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Lesson 84: Triads

On Triads

The triad is very strong. Especially the major and the minor triad.

Practicing Triads

Practice triads up and down the neck. There are many different fingering shapes - for root position, 1st and 2nd inversion:

Here you can see the fingerings for the different inversions of the C major and A minor triad on strings 123 and 234.

Triads Inside the Harmony

Triads can be used to outline the harmony very explicitely like this:

You can also make up triadic patterns that don't outline the harmony per se, but that are still inside the key:

You can embellish the line with chromatic approach tones:

Triads Outside the Harmony

A third thing you can do is to use triads to go completely outside the harmony.

Check out this II-V-I lick:

and this II-V-I lick:

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