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Lesson 77: Targeting/ Enclosure

What Is Targeting?

Targeting is to approach chord tones by neighbor tones. The neighbor tones that are used are:

  • a half step below or
  • a scale step ( or a half step) above a chord tone


This Charlie Parker lick is a great example of targeting. He plays around a C major triad in the way described above:

This is another great example. Here an F major triad, an E minor triad and a D minor triad are targeted before it settles into a G augmented arpeggio which leads to the C major seventh chord:

This idea can be continued. The lick we get can be played over a Cmaj7 or a Dm7:

What Is Enclosure?

Sometimes both neighbor tones - a scale step above and a half step below - are used. Then we get what is commonly referred to as an enclosure.


Targeting Etudes

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