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Lesson 74: The Masters

The Masters - The Jazz Hall of Fame If You Like...

The following would be my personal choice of players for The Jazz Hall of Fame:

  • Louis Armstrong - trumpet
  • Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone
  • John Coltrane - tenor saxophone
  • Miles Davis - trumpet
  • Bill Evans - piano
  • Joe Henderson - tenor saxophone
  • Thelonious Monk - piano
  • Wes Montgomery - guitar
  • Charlie Parker - alto saxophone
  • Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone
  • Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone
They are with one exception both innovators as improvisers and great composers. The exception is Louis Armstrong, whose inclusion is entirely based on the fact that he virtually created jazz phrasing and swing as we have come to know it...

Check Out the Masters

Check out the masters in every conceivable way. This includes:

  • listening to their records
  • learning and playing their tunes
  • transcribing and learning their solos
  • reading books about them, interviews with them etc.

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