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Lesson 48: Technique

Unorthodox Techniques

Check out players of other string instruments than the guitar for ideas. We are going to take a little look at:

  • the banjo roll
  • the tremolo technique

The Banjo Roll

A banjo roll is to be played with the fingers. The classic banjo roll utilizes a 3-3-2 pattern in order to "come out right" at the end of each bar.

Here are two forward rolls:

and here are two reverse rolls:

Two Tremolo Techniques

The classical type of tremolo is where the thumb plays a bass part while each melody note is played three times by the other fingers in reverse order like this:

Another type of tremolo is used for melody playing with a pick. Study how mandolin players use alternate picking for playing very fast tremolos. Practice scales with alternate picking:

  • step-wise up and down
  • in different intervals: thirds, fourths, sixths...

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