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Lesson 47: Drum Patterns

Key to the Drum Notation

Here's the key to the notation:

Basic Swing Pattern

This is the basic jazz "swing" drum pattern ( swing eighths):

A variation that adds tension is to emphasize the fourth beat of every bar with a rimshot:

The very same pattern is sometimes played on the hi-hat. Beats 2 and 4 are played with stick and foot, i.e. on the closed hi-hat, the other beats on the open hi-hat:

Basic Jazz Waltz Pattern

This is a basic jazz waltz drum pattern ( swing eighths):

Basic Latin Patterns

This is a basic latin "bossa nova" drum pattern ( straight eighths):

A common variation is for the rimshot to outline a clave pattern ( both forward and reverse clave are commonly used):

A common element of afro-cuban jazz/ "salsa" is the cáscara pattern:

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