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Lesson 28: Equipment


The minimum requirement is:

  • a nylon-string acoustic guitar
  • a steel-string acoustic guitar
  • some electric guitars - at least a semi-hollowbody
These types of guitars really are very different instruments and each one of them has to be taken seriously and practiced on a regular basis.

Amplifiers and Effects

The minimum requirement is:

  • a combo with a good clean sound
  • a reverb ( most guitar amps have one)
  • a distortion/ overdrive pedal
  • a volume pedal
  • a wah-wah pedal
Learn to use these tools and familiarize yourself with what can and what can not be done with them.

Other Equipment

The minimum requirement is:

  • a chromatic tuner with adjustable reference pitch 438-445Hz
  • a capo
  • a music stand
  • cables and spare cables
  • a DI box for acoustic guitars with a pickup
  • spare strings for all your guitars, especially the thinner gauges


  • a bass guitar
  • a baritone guitar
  • a resonator guitar
  • a twelve-string guitar
  • different guitars and amps
  • different effects/ pedals, like chorus, compressor, delay, echo, flanger, fuzz, Leslie, octaver, pan, phaser, reverb, tremolo, vibrato...
  • exotic instruments, like banjo, Chapman Stick, lute, mandolin, ukulele, sitar...
Having some of these extra tools can be a bonus, that is if you are able to use them decently as well... I have a baritone, a bass guitar and a ukulele myself and I know how to use them and I have a small collection of different guitars, amps and pedals that I am familiar with. I do not own a twelve-string nor any of the exotic instruments mentioned above, nor do I play them. Versatility is important, but you have to draw a line somewhere and being good at a few things beats dabbling in all areas if you ask me...

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