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Lesson 22: Harmonization, Chord Voicings and Voice-Leading

Harmonizing a Simple Melodic Idea

Take this simple but beautiful melodic idea:
Try harmonizing it in different ways.

Using It for Static Harmony

Try two bars of Ebmaj7+11, like this:

Two bars of F9 is very nice, too:

Using It for Chord Progressions

Try a I-VI-II-V progression in C major or in F major, like this:

A I-VI-II-V in Bb major works nicely, too. It's not as wonderful as C major or F major, though:

If you alter one of the notes, there are even more possibilities. Try the following I-VI-II-V progressions in Eb major and Ab major:

And now, tadaa!, you can go back to C, F and Bb major and get this:

Other Melodic Ideas

Here I've harmonized two other melodic ideas. Especially study the two lines where I've used voicings without the root as the lowest note.

Practicing the I-VI-II-V Progressions

Practice the above variations in different keys. Here I've transposed every single one of the above variations to C Major.

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