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Lesson 156: Promotion, Press and Media, Reviews...

How to Do Promotion

Let's say that you have released a new CD. Then you usually want

  • gigs
  • workshops
  • interviews
  • articles
  • reviews
  • to sell CDs
  • to get streams on streaming services
Then you should
  1. write a nice, short biography/ résumé
  2. get some good pictures taken of yourself/ the band
  3. package this material with the CDs
  4. send the packages to the ones on the list below
  5. e-mail them to tell them that you are sending them this material
  6. call them in a few days to make sure that they got the material
and the places you should send this material to are
  • clubs
  • festivals
  • bars/ pubs/ restaurants
  • schools
for gigs and workshops and
  • music magazines
  • newspapers
  • radio stations
  • online versions of these
for articles, interviews and reviews.

How to Get a Good Article, Interview or Review

  • Be a nice person.
  • Try to connect with people. Do not be a total nerd just talking about yourself and your music, but show interest in other people, in society, in making music for a cause...
  • Have a story - people like stories. How was the music on this CD born, what were you inspired by, what are the stories behind the songs, what are you trying to say with the music?

How to Deal with a Bad Article or Review

So, what if the article or review is not good? How do you deal with indifference, inappreciativeness or negative criticism?

I wrote this small "poem" about creating:

Why Am I an Artist?

I did not choose art.
Art chose me.
If I am not creating, I can not breathe, I can not live.
I am doing this because I have to, and I do not mean that in a negative way.
I am creating, making art mainly for myself.
If you like what I do, it makes me happy. If you do not like it, honestly, I could not care less.

I do not mean to be arrogant. I just think that you have to have confidence in yourself and if you are happy with your own music, it really shouldn't matter much whether other people like it or not...

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