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Lesson 152: Silence

The Shortage of Silence

There is a shortage of silence in today's society.

  • The sounds of nature - wind, rain, waves, animals, birds, insects...
  • Noise in the form of machines and traffic
The sounds of nature are natural and they are nice. I don't consider machines and traffic to be much of a problem either.

What is a problem to me is the "music" we are forced to hear everywhere these days. I am talking about the music in elevators, hotel lobbies, public toilets, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, waiting rooms etc. or while waiting to get through with a phone call. This is music as air pollution - it is bad and you can't get away from it. It is like the lights in a disco/ night club when what you want is darkness.

Why Is Silence Important?

When I am asked what I am inspired by when I write music I am expected to mention other musicians/ composers/ songwriters. And I do sometimes listen to music. But, what inspires me to write music myself and where my own music is born is usually silence.

It is like painting. If you are going to paint something, you need an empty canvas, right?

To me, who love music, it is especially disturbing with this air pollution in the form of elevator music:

  • I can't hear my own music ( in my head)
  • I can't, as matter of fact, even hear my own thoughts

Fortunately, I can use my MP3 player or my smartphone and headphones and listen to music I like. I don't get silence, but at least it takes away the air pollution... :-)

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