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Lesson 143: Composition Using the Notes of a Chord/ Several Chords

Making Up a Scale from Two Chords

Take two chords, for example an F major and an Ab minor chord:

Extract the notes of the chords and arrange them in order. The notes of the chords are f, g#=ab, a, b, c and eb and I added a d to get a 7-note scale:

What to Do with This Scale

Now you can start improvising with this scale. I came up with the following melody:

It works very well over an F pedal. The chords can be F major and Ab minor. It sounds rather suspenseful, doesn't it?

What to Do

You can do this with any two chords.

  • You tend to get the most interesting result if the chords do not have common tones.
  • Possible combinations of triads are major & major, major & minor, minor & minor, major & augmented, major & diminished, minor & augmented, minor & diminished, augmented & augmented, augmented & diminished, diminished & diminished

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