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Lesson 140: Harmony Part II - Seventh Chord Summary

Scales and Seventh Chords

The most important scales are

  • the major scale and its modes
  • the harmonic minor scale
  • the melodic minor scale and its modes
  • the harmonic major scale

The tertian seventh chords that live inside these scales are

  • maj7
  • maj7#5
  • m7
  • mmaj7
  • m7b5
  • 7
  • dim
There are seven different types of them. Tertian means that they are built by stacking major and minor thirds.

In the major scale and in the melodic minor scale, some of the chord types occur several times. In the harmonic minor and the harmonic major scale, every single one of them occurs exactly once.

The Seventh Chords in the Scales

Here is a table of the degrees where the different seventh chords occur in the scales:

Seventh chord	    Major       Harmonic minor	 Melodic minor	Harmonic major

    maj7	    I, IV	     bVI	      -		      I

   maj7#5	      -		    bIII	    bIII	     bVI

     m7	         II, III, VI	     IV		     II		     III

    mmaj7	      -		      I		      I		     IV

    m7b5	     VII	     II		   VI, VII	     II

      7		      V		      V		    IV, V	      V

     dim	      -	             VII	      -		     VII

Other Seventh Chords

Other important seventh chords are

  • maj7b5
  • mmaj7b5
  • 7#5
  • 7b5

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