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Lesson 122: Composition - Methods/ Techniques

The Necessity of Theory

Sometimes it can be beneficial to get a little technical about composition and improvisation. The results from a theoretical approach may be totally different from those of your normal efforts.

Nice as it is to rely on instinct and raw inspiration, there will be times when "the juices don't flow", so to speak. It is also very common to get stuck in a rut as far as composition and improvisation go and a fresh start may be all you need to achieve something you would never have come up with just relying on your ear.

Some Methods/ Techniques

Some methods/ techniques that I talk about in my lessons are:

Where Do I Start?

You can start with:

  • a melody
  • chords
  • a rhythm
  • a hook
  • a riff/ an ostinato/ a vamp
  • a style
  • a title
  • the lyrics

Some More on Composition/ Songwriting

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