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Lesson 113: Modes Summary

The Modes of the Major Scale

The modes of the C major scale are:

  • C Ionian
  • D Dorian
  • E Phrygian
  • F Lydian
  • G Mixolydian
  • A Aeolian
  • B Locrian

Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale

It is uncommon to specifically name the modes of the harmonic minor scale. A particularly useful mode of the C harmonic minor scale is:

  • the fifth mode = G Phrygian Major

The Modes of the Melodic Minor ( Jazz Minor) Scale

The modes of the Ab melodic minor scale are:

  • Ab Melodic Minor or Jazz Minor
  • Db Lydian b7 or Lydian Dominant or Overtone
  • G Alt Scale
  • Eb Mixolydian b6
  • F Locrian #2
  • B Lydian Augmented

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