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I use computers and the Internet quite a lot, except during the summer. I spend most of the summer at our summer cottage, it isn't possible to go online from there and I don't particularly miss it, either. There are just so many other nice things to do during that time of year that I don't care about e-mail, surfing or reading newsgroups. But since it is quite dark and cold here in Finland during the other seasons, I tend to spend a lot of time online, mainly for lack of better things to do.

I have been on the Web since 1995. It's remarkable the way bandwidth has become a serious problem lately. Suddenly everybody has to be online. Another problem is that the Web is evolving too fast. Nowadays there seems to be a great interest in audio and video, it's just that the bandwidth simply can't take it. Do we really need or want all this shit? How about those poor bastards who have to use the Web for doing serious work? It's hard to have patience with slow connections when you know that the main reason is clueless Newbies downloading music, porn and pirated software... I don't want to be a Net Nazi, but sometimes I would like to scream: Get the idiots off the Net! We want the bandwidth back!

So, what do I do on the Web?

Web Design

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  • If you're interested in Web Page design, take a look at these pages: Some of the projects that I'm working on at the moment:

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